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Part 33: Goland Coal City

The discovery race is here? Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

What is it?! I can't wait!

A mysterious place! How romanti-


That's the castle of the liege of hell you idiots.

How the fuck did you just stumble upon the castle of hell?

"I found an ancient burial site!"
"I found an abandoned town!"
"I found the castle of the liege of hell! It's got Death Riders and Iron Giants and everything!"

I'm mildly curious as to how exactly you passed a river and some brush, traveled through hell, and stumbled upon Pandaemonium like that.

Unfortunately, 0 EXP is treated as "not there at all" rather than a multiple of 5.

What sort of hellish realm will you idiots stumble upon this time?

The lost town of the Dark Knights. That's... not too terrible. At least it's not THE PALACE OF HELL like last time.

Too bad none of its shops work on account of everyone being dead.

I fucking hate those splitting enemies. I fucking hate that whole fucking cave. Why can't I have Magus first so I can just Quake all my problems away?

Steal Weapon costs the most so Reef gets it first.

Another one?!

...You found the carrier of the dead.

I hope you at least suplexed it once before leaving.

Level Prime Death was the Esper Zalera's ultimate attack in FFXII. He used Level 2, 3, 4, and 5 spells so you could sit at a prime and be all "Haha! You can't get me!" and then he's all "Yes I can." and fucks you over. Level 1 is the only level that would escape all his shit.

Reef gets Steal Accessry next. No accessries are safe from her!

Got a second one so the girls won't have to fight over it.

Reef's gonna steal something in the next fight so I buy some stuff that'll make her a lot harder to kill.

Female Monks, normally hatless, can equip hairpins at least. It's a little more HP and protection from a ton of statuses.

Every bit of Norma's equipment boosts MA, so being a Draw-Out Time Mage is not a bad idea. Getting Haste and giving people spillover JP for Teleport isn't a bad plan at all.

I buy Agrias Blizzard for this one battle. I kinda regret it because this is the only battle with snow in Chapter 3.

I've been putting off plot long enough.

The formation really doesn't matter much. Who do you want to be attacked by the enemy thief first?

This poor guy is stuck on the roof!

You should listen to Antidote there. It's really rare and that's a shame because it's ~so good~

Thieves and chemists swarm the building.

Then, the thieves' leader emerges...

: Next time put up a sign that says "Thieves Hideout"
: Hya, ha! Damn blabbermouth. Now, give yourself up.

This one isn't too bad if you make sure Olan doesn't get surrounded and beaten up, or shot a lot.

Such filth pours from Olan's mouth that the Mediator's body causes itself physical harm to prevent him from hearing it.

Olan has a unique job and some good equipment. His unique job has one unique spell.

Galaxy Stop is in-fucking-credible and this whole battle can either be annoying or a stroll through the park depending on how much he likes it.

Besides new clothes that give PA that I want to steal but can't, the chemists have improved guns. 2 more WP doesn't seem like much, but remember that the formula is WP*WP. It's exponential. This gun deals 64 damage instead of 36.

The strongest nonmagical gun, the Stone Gun, has 16 WP so it deals 256 damage. The Stone Gun has it's own host of problems, like making the holder start the battle petrified.

In WotL, they add the Ras Algethi (12 WP, so 144) and the Fomalhaut (18 WP, so 324) though that last one is through multiplayer only.

Norma poofs up the building and obliterates the mediator.

Agrias lightning stabs the thief who jumped down to shank the crew. At least she didn't charm Ramza!

I've had that happen a couple of times. He nearly killed everybody.

She gets a stick through the skull for her troubles and clinging to life and rot like that.

Olan directs some dirty words at a thief, using his super-ventriloquism.

Instead of casting Galaxy Stop like a good astrologist.

Maybe he'll cast it if I kill everybody but one of the chemists.

Wait what.

Why would you do these things?

Murasame's incantation.

MA*12. It's one of the better healing options since it discriminates between ally and enemy.

Reef finally gets to the enemy chemist so she can start trying to take his gun.

Olan finally decides to cast Galaxy Stop.

Awwwwwwwwwwww yeah.

Look at this radical shit, man.

This is a symbol of this battle being won.

Mass statuses do that.

This fucker evaded it, so he gets stabbed to death for his trouble.

Stop just gets rid of his evasion, which Reef didn't care about due to being beside him. At least he isn't shooting anybody.

Eh, sure I guess I'll get a few.

This is more than a few. Maybe I can get Agrias in on this stuff.

The thief from the start expired, too, so Norma takes her shoes.

It's a 42% chance it doesn't have to be this hard.

Galaxy Stop's incantation.


It's been a while, hasn't it?

Norma gets the ability to take people's clothes off without them noticing. Norma is scary.

While I'm here Reef steals his shoes.

Then he gets cudgeled to death.

If only I didn't have to buy another Wizard Robe, huh?

Fuck you, thief!

Ramza gets a book from somewhere. I keep it around for 5 minutes due to the novelty of it then sell it for a bit more cash.

: Ramza Beoulve.
: !!
: Is something wrong?
: Oh, nothing. Never mind. Where are you going anyway?
: To Lesalia. If you're going that way we could go along.
: Too bad, I'm going the other way. Thanks for the offer.
: Well, be careful
: You too.

Ramza and Olan have a handshake. A new friendship is born.

: I'll see you later. Stay alive, till then.
: Oh, uh, yeah...

As Olan goes to the south, Ramza looks to the north, to the royal palace at Lesalia...