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Part 35: Orbonne Underground Book Storage

New stick, one more WP than the last one.

Holy Miters are a much-needed upgrade over the Triangle Hat.

+60 HP, +1 PA, prevents instant death. All four of my characters who wear clothes want it over the brigandine.

+1 move and +1 jump. Having both on the same shoe makes it a lot better than either part individually, surprisingly enough.

This robe is very important for calculators.

Ramza is some kind of fisticuffs demon.

...And it's a mining trip! Who would've guessed?!

The sleep sword is as strong as the ancient sword, but inflicts a different status. Agrias is the only character with a sword, and she never uses it for regular attacks, so I pass it up.

This is the strongest axe. In Ninja SCCs they buy a few to hurl at bosses.

This shield is the only shield to boost MA, and it's got outright crazy magic evasion.

I sell the Ribbon, Alma's Barette, and the Salty Rage to make some money. They'll be there when I'm not poor.

In Monk SCCs, a good idea is to have one female generic among all the guys. She gets this ribbon from Alma, so with the status protection she serves as the primary medic.

A damage upgrade form the Kotetsu? Sign me up!

Sorry guys, I need more money for more damage!

If you turn Agrias into a Ninja and give her equip sword and put this in the first hand and a sword in the off hand, she'll use Holy Sword with a hammer. It'll use the 11 WP and fire element. You could also do this with the Air Knife to get Wind-elemental Holy Sword.

The strongest hammer has 23 WP so this quirk might be worth it, except that's the hydra's rare poach and you can't find hydras in chapter 3.

Best equip has strange tastes. It really likes the Red Shoes and once you get a Feather Mantle it suggests nothing but. Then again, it might have good taste because the Feather Mantle is really good.

Mo' mining mo' JP. Aw yeah.

Mo' mining mo' salvaging mo' JP. Aw yeah.

The girls found a charm that would prevent frog if they weren't convinced it were a sacred relic.

Keepin' ahead of katanas here.

Esuna cures damn near everything (but not everything) and is blindingly fast.

Reef gets another stealing power.

I never knew you smoked, Norma.

Since Teleport's success rate is dependent on move range, increasing her move makes teleporting farther away more viable.

I kick out all the bull demons now that I have a Holy Spear.

I think I've postponed it long enough. Let's see how the last few months have been to Simon.

This is bad.

Simon is wounded, but not critically.

: It's They...came for the Holy Stone 'Virgo'...
: Holy Stone!? Then Alma was right...
: The Stone's been a royal treasure for generations... When Princess Ovelia came here, they gave it to us as proof of her status.
: Who are 'they'? Who's trying to get the stone?
: You're Alma's older brother Ramza, aren't you? Don't get any more involved. You'll be killed...

A different voice responds.

: Wait! It must be here somewhere! Look for it! We can go underground from here. Let's go!!

: Is it because of the stone? Please tell me. Who are they?
: High Priest and his sect are trying to regain power. First, they're reducing Larg and Goltana's military power by causing in-fighting. If the war drags on, it not only reduce their power, but trust in the royal family.
: What's the real reason for collecting the Stones... and reviving the Zodiac Braves?
: To gain the people's trust, of course.
: But the Cardinal already joined Lucavi. If it's only the stone's power, it'd be strong enough to replace the military.

: Perhaps you might be able to destroy their ambition.

Ramza gets up and turns to Alma.

: We can't leave Simon alone. Hide in a safe place!
: ...Ok, I will.

Ramza hands the Scorpio and Taurus stones to Alma.

: Hold on to this stone, just in case. If I don't come back, make sure to throw it in Bugrosia Sea. OK?
: I regret I can't help you. I wish I were born a man...
: Don't be silly. You're the only one I trust.
: Brother...
: Take care of Simon!

This is a chain battle, 3 of them this time.

The unusable titles in front are bookcases. Hide the squishy characters behind them.

Inside, one of the Shrine Knights orders his underlings...

He then proceeds down the stairs, leaving the troops to deal with Ramza.

These guys are dangerous because they skipped a tier of spears. And helmets. And shields. Hell, I'm surprised he's not wearing a White Robe.

Lancers may be the magically worst unit in the game, but they can poke holes if you aren't careful. That's why you hide the squishy characters, so they don't get poked.

Shiiiiiiiiit, gotta be careful. Maybe Ramza can take point and-

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, I'm glad I kept Ramza as far back as I did, otherwise the other Lancers could join in on stabbing him to death.

Heaven's Cloud's incantation. Can anyone tell me what Yagumo means, if anything?

swirling clouds somehow produce a lot of damage.

A lot.

Ramza punches the lancer to death in retaliation for being poked.

Notice how much his damage has increased? Ramza will punch his way through everything.

There might be a preferred elemental ability here.

Without the Lancers, this battle is in the bag.

So much so that I beat the Time Mages with a rod. I was kinda hoping Bolt would be cast.

But, the battle is over.

: Underground! Let's go!

Before going, Ramza takes one of the books off the shelf and takes it with him for some reason.