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Original Thread: Four Fools are Here to Kill Chaos: Let's Play FF Ultra: Champion Edition



Things are pretty bad in the world right now.

But things might be looking up. After all, it seems that the group of heroes who will restore balance to the world are due to arrive any day now.

But this is not that group. This is a group of fools.

The fools found themselves outside the kingdom of Coneria. They weren't sure how they'd gotten there, but that sort of thing was a trivial detail.

A lovely city, chock full of old men that the four fools did their best to ignore.

The local dancer, on the other hand, caught their interest immediately. As if aware of what fools they were, she imparted on them the most basic of advice, which they took to heart.

They immediately went to the local shops and purchased themselves the finest weapons and armor they could use:

Wooden sticks and cloth shirts.

Unsure what to do, the four fools headed to the castle.

The first guard they met told them that the the queen was looking for the "Light Warriors." "Surely," thought the fools, "that must be us."

The queen received them graciously. Though skeptical of their abilities, she nonetheless told them of her kidnapped son.

Questioning the local guards quickly gave them their destination: a ruined temple to the northwest.

And so they set out to rescue the prince.

Despite a few minor scrapes, they made it to their destination intact, and headed inside.

Seeing a door directly ahead of them, they naturally took the direct route, but were stopped by a mysterious barrier.

Thus they were forced them to take the long way around.

It was here that they met their first true foes: two of the walking dead. Easy prey, they thought.

Unfortunately, they could not have been more wrong.

Thus, the tale of the four fools came to an end. Another group would be needed to save the world.

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