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Part 3: Level 1 Magic

Level 1 Black Magic
FIRE: Deals fire damage to one enemy.
BOLT: Deals lightning damage to all enemies.
SLEP: Puts all enemies to sleep. A sleeping combatant spends their next action waking up.
BIND: Reduces all enemies' evasion.

Level 1 White Magic
CURE: Restores HP to one character.
HOLY: Damages all undead & evil enemies.
INVS: Raises the party's evasion.
WAKE: Cures the party of sleep and paralysis.

For anyone familiar with vanilla, BOLT probably stands out for being a level 1 spell that targets all foes. Not many enemies are actually weak to it, but it's a good early-game staple against groups of foes (except undead, which typically resist lightning damage). BIND might seem useless, but against enemies with high evasion it can make a big difference. It's still probably the least useful level 1 spell. HOLY is similar to vanilla's HARM, but besides undead, it also works on other truly evil foes, like werewolves. INVS is a staple and will see use against bosses for most of the game. WAKE isn't useful often, but when half your party is paralyzed it can be a godsend.

On the whole, there's nothing really amazing here, but that's what you'd expect at level 1. Still, CURE and INVS will see use for most or all of the game, and spells like SLEP, BIND, and WAKE can be really useful in the right circumstances.