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Part 11: Level 6 Magic

Level 6 Black Magic
ICE3= Like ICE and ICE2, but even stronger.
DARK= Like COMT, but stronger.
TPR2= Like TMPR, but stronger.
GLXY= Inflicts paralyze and sleep on all enemies.

Level 6 White Magic
HEL3= Like HEAL and HEL2, but even stronger.
CHKR= Fully restores the caster's HP and removes status ailments.
WALL= Combines the effects of WILL and SHEL.
EXIT= Out of battle, transports the party out of the current dungeon. In battle, lowers all enemies' morale.

Almost every spell at this level is an improvement on lower-level magic. CHKR is the sole exception, and it's probably over-leveled. While not exactly worthless, its usefulness is limited: CUR3 is a full heal until higher levels, and the status ailment removal really only works on poison and blindness (since being asleep, paralyzed, or muted prevents spellcasting). It seems primarily designed for front-line white magic users, specifically Clerics, Paladins, and maybe Rangers.

Apart from that, none of these spells are really exciting, but they're all really good. EXIT is a staple utility spell, TPR2 improves fighters more efficiently than TMPR, WALL saves a turn of casting, and GLXY can shut down an entire enemy team effortlessly. HEL3 is functionally a full HP restore for the party until pretty high levels, and more powerful damaging spells are always welcome.