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Part 17: Level 8 Magic

Level 8 Black Magic
FLAR: Deals non-elemental damage to one enemy.
MTEO: Deals dark damage to all enemies.
XZON: Kills all enemies.
TPR3: Like TMPR and TPR2, but stronger.

Level 8 White Magic
HEL4: Like CUR4, but affects the whole party.
PERL: Deals holy damage to all enemies.
SLD3: Like SHLD and SLD2, but stronger.
LIF2: Out of battle, restores a character to life with full HP. In battle, like LIFE, but stronger.

Appropriately, every last spell at this level is powerful and worth having. PERL is a bit of a letdown, but as a general-use nuke for Priests and Clerics, it still fills a helpful niche. However, in my opinion, the best spell at this level - and indeed, in the game - is HEL4. A full restore for the whole party (including status ailment removal) is insanely strong and can turn around a losing battle in one action. For black magic users, XZON is probably the best spell on offer here, able to win most random encounters in a single use. MTEO and FLAR are both good, though (MTEO is especially nice for Sages due to the variety of situations on which it's useful), and TPR3 is amazing for boss fights, as it provides a massive attack power boost; likewise for SLD3 and defense. LIF2's usefulness in battle is limited due to the damage bug, but a full revive afterward is certainly convenient.

All in all, nothing to really complain about here, which you'd expect from the highest-level spells in the game.