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Part 2: Very well... I will give you your Butz. You seem to want it so.

Part 2 Very well... I will give you your Butz. You seem to want it so.

Four Hearts (Pixel Remaster)

Last time we made it through the introduction, today we progress a little plot but mostly talk numbers.

??? is currently a Freelancer, the default non-job job. ??? has above average strength and stamina. Strength means more damage per attack, while stamina is used to calculate max HP and affects HP regen rate. His agility and magic stats are average. Agility affects how quickly turns come up* and magic impacts magic spell potency. Previous games had Spirit/Soul and Intelligence being different factors for white and black, here its one universal stat.

Not on this screen but on the equipment screen is a weight stat, weight is usually a non-factor but heavy equipment would lower agility a point or two. Honestly even without that in mind you're probably going to use light armor or hats. Really only one job would probably end up seeing a weight penalty. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Also not on this page or any page is Magic Evade. Most robes, light headgear and some accessories have Magic Evade.

As far as configuration settings, if you want to change your control scheme its in here at the bottom. Sound settings and closing the game is down off screen as well.
Battle Mode can toggle between Active and Wait. Wait pauses turn order in menus. Battle Speed and Battle Messages toggle between Very Slow, Slow, Normal Fast and Very Fast.
Cursor Memory toggles between off, where every turn the cursor will reset to attack, or on where the cursor remains on the last action the character took.
Continue Auto-battle means that if you end a fight on auto-battle the next fight resumes it without prompting.
Re-Equip toggles between Optimal and Unequip. We'll get to that later.
Graphic Display toggles on and off a fake CRT filter. It fails to be convincing and just looks terrible.

We're automatically riding the chocobo and can't get off. To the north of the forest is a valley without anything in it, so we can only go to check out the impact site.

When we reach this chokepoint ??? leaves Boko and goes the rest of the way on foot.

Boko, wait here, okay?

Hurry! Hurry!! (Original)

Lenna apparently got knocked out from the shockwave from meteorfall and some goblins are there too. Can't let this stand.

The screen shatters into collapsing cubes as the battle starts.

Battle 1 (Pixel Remaster)

Goblins have 16HP, about half of what the sword ??? has equipped at level 1 would do. They get the first attack and both do 4HP of damage.

So let's make it interesting. You can swap out hand equipment in the item menu, I'm going to go bare handed and move to the back row to cut M in half.

What's M? It's a factor used in damage calculations. Unlike previous games where you had multiple attack rolls (still yielding just a single damage number) going up against enemy evade rolls, you get one big attack against a single enemy evade chance.

When both hands are empty an attack is 2 separate punches, meaning this guy has taken 6HP of damage total so it'll take 2 more turns to ki-

These guys are special plot goblins with only 1HP, thank the meteor for the assist in taking the first 15 out.

Lenna's Theme (Pixel Remaster)

Y-yes... I believe so...


Bartz is the official localized name. In Japan he's... Butz.

I understand the Matrix release let you use some emoji for his name, in here its just normal ASCII.

Seymour Butz... This rock suddenly fell from the sky...

Guess its a meteorite.

Again, I give you my thanks. I wish I could do something more to show my appreciation, but I really must go...

Lenna starts to walk away to find her dad.

Seymour Butz... Did you hear something?


Sure mystery voice, I'll help you. You're in this chest over here right? (The larger map function is incredibly handy, you can pan around freely on larger maps. So even if you might need to work on finding where a secret passage is, you at least can narrow things down without getting into fights.)

Where am I? Oh... my aching head! Sakes alive... what's happened? I don't remember... Ehh? I can't remember anything!

Oh! Something came back to me... My name is Galuf!

Nope, just the name! Other than that, my memory's completely blank.

Where're you going?
I must go to the Wind Shrine...

It's decided, I'm going with you!

Seymour Butz, what about you?

Please, we've both been in the blast zone of a meteorite slamming down feet away from us, at the very least we should have someone who didn't have a rock fall on them to shove potions in our faces when we fall over again.

Lenna turns back, pleadingly for help, maybe even considering if she should throw out the Royalty card to demand it.

Or maybe she just wants to Seymour Butz.

Instead she just gets on with her job.

Godspeed, and all that whatnot!

The game is kind enough to give you a full heal after general buffoonery. Sorry, no Butz to Seymour of in this picture that I forgot to rescreencap

...Why don't you have a name on your textbox now?

Four Hearts (Pixel Remaster)

If you haven't seen any of the other Pixel Remaster releases before, one of the big QoL changes they added is diagonal movement. Not shown here since Boko is still outrunning fights but a diagonal step counts as one step. So as time goes on speed runs may be able to use this to cut step count in some map navigation in half.

Well since the meteor is blocking the route to Tycoon, the only thing we can do is follow Lenna and Galuf go back to the valley that didn't have anything before.

Boko throws Seymour Butz from his saddle because Boko does things arbitrarily like a dog or a ghost.

...Now don't you give me that look.

Yeah,I know, the girl and the old man went off together...

So now that Seymour Butz is accepting his fate to protagonize, the world begins falling apart.

Hurry! Hurry!! (Original)



The valley has 2 forced fights with more 1HP goblins. Since I'm not going out of my way to draw attention to them being weaker than they should, Seymour Butz cuts them up rather than punching from the back row.

The first fight is enough to get Seymour Butz a level up. Unlike the first 4 games your core stats are unchanged with leveling, you just gain HP and MP.

And a free hat to boot.**

After the second forced fight Boko scoops Lenna and Galuf up and they speed away from the collapsing goblin valley.

Some time later Seymour Butz just glares south waiting for any more free exp goblins stage a raid.

And jumps down like 20 feet when he realizes Lenna's awake again.

The Day Will Come (Pixel Remaster)

Seymour Butz! It seems I can't escape being in your debt...

Seems like the meteorite's impact caused a few landslides... The road's covered in rubble. I don't think you're gonna be able to make it to Tule this way.

Uhhh... Wind Shrine... gotta hurry...

Oh! Really?

What a sweet talker! As if you don't just have the hots for the little lady.

Maybe a bit harsh but that was an incredibly hammy line.

Wha-you're awake?

Still, if the road's blocked,that makes things a slight more difficult...

Ahead On Our Way (Pixel Remaster)

Right! And we'll find it!

We're dumped back to the world map, but while before the valley ended just behind Boko, the meteor based tectonics that caused the sinkholes*** earlier also opens up this cave.

I don't remember there being a cave here...

Boko, I think this is gonna be a little too dangerous for chocobos. You stay here, okay?

Next time, we get to the Wind Shrine?

*In previous versions agility is basically a static value, to the point where it was crucial to some strategies to maintain a good cadence in inputting commands. Agility here is a bit random.
**While supplies last, offers available to Bartzes and Blartzes only.
***Sinkholes have already been forgotten by the game.