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Part 3: In Which We Tule Around

Part 3 In which we Tule around

Fate In Haze (Pixel Remaster)

Right off the bat we get another brief tutorial.

And our first random encounter.

I'm not dealing with these guys. One of the main differences between this and previous versions is that in order to flee you need a character with full ATB. Not like previous versions where you just needed to get a turn and use it, you need to hold onto it.

Also of note, the Advance release included a run button, that's carried on through here. Just press cancel and book it.

Looking back at this, I'm trying to think of another recovery spring where you dive in and take a drink. After going in you're fully restored.

Still no time for random encounters. Some day I will fight, but right now I'm more interested in running as much as I can.

On the next screen we weave around a linear path until we come up to this pirate on a ledge.

I'm conflicted between saying how these pirates make genome soldiers look smart, but also incredibly impressed he can turn his head fast enough to move the eye patch from eye to eye without using his hands.

Another tutorial, interact with things that look like you can interact with them.

Despite them not really reworking any other overworld sprites or tiles, they decided to make the skull switch bigger.

Since Seymour Butz didn't get a hat like Paul Blartz or Bartz, he gets one here.

Another winding yet linear room.

I'm trying to keep gifs about the same size as other images. Its incredibly hard for images like this. It doesn't look like much but at a closer look you can see some lighting effects on the lake.


Onto the next room. More enemies got to Seymour Butz as I ran.

Pirates Ahoy!

Meaning that ship we just saw must've been a pirate ship!
I wonder if they might give us a ride?

I just wanted to leave the rest of the conversation untranscribed. Part because I think it shows off just how reckless Galuf can be and how quick things escalate. But also to show that in the background the lighting effects are present here in the cove too.

The skull switch over to the left can be pushed to unlock a door, which is being body blocked guarded by a pirate. Even if we could sneak behind him, his snores are so powerful we couldn't get through them.

This pirate is a little bit more alert and is startled awake, but thanks to his break neck head turns flipping his eye patch he doesn't see more Butz.

Onward to progress, up the dock to the ship.

...Well? "Cast off" means start sailing, kid.
I know that! The wheel won't even budge. How do you work this thing?

Another minor quibble. Previous versions had the carved trim on the stern be a bright vivid yellow and red. I always thought it made it go faster than this muted version.

Trying to steal my ship, are you? You've a lot of brass... or mayhap you're just lacking in brains! I'd wager its the latter.
Wait! I am Princess Lenna of Tycoon.

Please accept my apologies for attempting to commandeer your ship.
What? She's a princess...
So the girl's royalty...

Please, allow us the use of your vessel. I must get to the Wind Shrine-my father is in danger!
Oho, the princess of Tycoon, here on my ship? I'm sure we could fetch a tasty sum for this one.

I beg of you, please...

That pendant...
...Toss the lot of 'em into the brig!
Aye aye, Cap'n!

Later, in the laundry brig (No music, only waves)

Look in the mirror, Pops.

And your amnesia oh-so conveniently returns... Still... I can't believe you're really the princess of Tycoon, Lenna!

My father is there.

Yes, yes we know. Why did you go alone? Why aren't you escorted by a battalion... or the honor guard, or at least a high school color guard.

I slipped out of the castle and headed for the shrine, but then that meteorite fell, and... you know the rest.

Meanwhile Captain in the captain's quarters.

Why does the princess of Tycoon have the same pendant as I do?

She said her father's at the Wind Shrine...

The next morning

Pirates Ahoy!

But Cap'n... What about the landlubbers?
Untie 'em.

But... why?

Pull anchor! We sail for the Wind Shrine!

Aye... Aye, aye, Cap'n!

Pirates start moving, but I'm unsure why an anchor would be mounted to the crows nest.

But the wind has stopped... How can the ship move?
Full of curiosity, aren't you, lass?

Beautiful, isn't she? Syldra and I were raised together. We're close as siblings. All right, we're off!

Four Hearts (Pixel Remaster)

Once we get at the mouth of the bay we come back to Faris at the helm.

When the Pixel Remaster first came out, you absolutely wanted to take the Pirate up on his offer. Reason being is that someone failed to disable encounters on the sea or lake or whatever. The issue is that when you're supposed to start fighting water enemies is around level 16. There are no weak water enemies on this map. So a free ride would be welcome.

This has been patched out. So I'm driving and going elsewhere.

Since we have our party assembled now, lets look at our party stats.

Lenna is a little bit faster but has above average magic.

Galuf has strength like Seymour, but higher stamina. He pays for below average agility.

Faris is actually MVP, not only does the Cap'n has above average stats all around. Magic and Stamina are a bit low but still good, and level 3 to boot. Even if I didn't run from every fight so far, Lenna and Galuf would be level 2, Seymour might have reached level 3.

I speak as if these are significant differences. Aside from agility (which since its impact on ATB bar filling is random and therefore less important at the moment) all these mean is a few levels difference between when Lenna and Galuf doing comparable damage with a spell or a sword. Everyone of them are just as viable doing what you want them to do... when you can actually do something other than attack.

To the far west of the lake sea is Tule, the first town. Going here early is not necessary, and I actually blew all my money on things that didn't even matter, but let's just squeeze out some more plot before we can get to when FFV lets you play with jobs.

Tenderness in the Air (Pixel Remaster)

Think I'll stop in and have a drink as well.

Faris leaves the party here.

Welcome to Tule, I've used the in game map to make this one. The red dots are hidden treasures, there's a few more beyond what I marked but the'll be covered in a minute.

The Wind Crystal's Power is amplified by a machine. It lets our ships sail even faster than before! The next liner from Walse really should be arriving any time now...

Be careful, the pub is full of pirates.

Enough NPCs for now,let's talk shop. Magic shops aren't like the NES FFs, you don't need to buy a spell for each caster, don't need to worry about having to wring your hands about if you want AMUT or LOCK as your third spell you'd never cast because the other 2 are that good.

Of course that hinges on having a job that can cast, which I don't. Still I would prefer to invest on something that will be useful for the long haul, rather than something I'm going to sell next town over. I'll explain these at a later time, but documenting that they're here.

I blow all the cash on magic I can't use, in lieu of shields and hats I could.

Someone you know?
Yes. He built the Torna Canal.

Back to NPC chatter.

The beast (sic) in the canal only seems to target women.
There are beasts in the canal that only target women.

Kinda seems like the wind's died down some, don't you think?
I'm training to be a bard. Listen to this!
"Long long ago, in the canal to the east, A big ol' ugly monster was having a feast! It ate lotsa people-53 at least- But the good guys used the crystal, and sealed away the beast! Oh yeah!"
My granddad says he regrets telling me that story now... but you guys liked it, right?

You look a little wet behind the ears... Howzabout I take ya to the Greenhorn's Club?

Nah, not yet.

Oh, so? You'll be back...

Oh, fine

You just led me 30 feet down the path.


If I'm honest, will you give me a golden axe?

Yeah sure I'm new to this? That other guy? Nah that was someone else. Think he said his name was Dr. Tot or something.

So here's where you pick up the remaining treasures in Tule learn some things about the game.

If your hair suddenly turns white, it means you're aging, and you'll gradually get weaker and weaker.
We're not going to experience this for awhile but when it happens there's few ways to stop it, and no good way to recover until the battle is over.

Try putting mages and other folks with weaker defense in the back row.
A tutorial follows, just go to the menu, press right and double tap confirm on whatever character you want to shift their row.

You can harm ghosts and the undead with recovery magic, such as Cure.
Potions too.

FYI, this version has regular saving (overworld and save points) and quick save, which can be done anywhere. However unlike the US GBA release, quick save and restore does NOT reset the step counter til the next fight. So you can't cheat your way through zones above your pay grade at least through the clunky method of saving and reloading

We don't have jobs, and nothing personal, but I'd rather my chocobo teach me how to do it than you.

Why don't you try having a look-see?
There's another bonus in this version of the game, any crate, pot, bush or barrel that has a treat inside will have a nice red "!" show over Seymour's head. Once he's looted it, it becomes a grey "!".

Thieves can learn the ability "Find Passages." Then they can see secreet passages with no trouble at all!
While Thieves do learn this ability, its also one of their passives. So if you have a thief in the party you'll see it. Now if you want someone else to waste an ability slot on it, then they can do so once they get a thief leveled enough to learn it.

On the second floor we learn about numbers (white is damage, green is healing), how to escape (hold L&R, but not all encounters can be fled), how not to die (heal with potions or magic when you're low on HP), Active and Wait modes which I already mentioned, and a present.

A free knife sharpener? You shouldn't have!

Okay, just one last push and we can get back to the Wind Shrine. Let's go back to the bar with the pirates.

Huh... If ya look real close, yer a fetching lass, Lenna!
The captain's upstairs.
Take a load off and drink up!
Sorry, there's nothing left... Those pirates drank the house dry!
Captain... So dreamy...
We're only helpin' ya 'coz the can'n ordered, so don't be gettin' the wrong idea!
That pirate boss went upstairs.
Why don't you have a seat? Just keep your eyes on me... Tee-hee-hee!
Mm... For you, honey, we've got something special!

I'm A Dancer

And so Seymour Butz got a lap dance from three dancers, or maybe one dancer and Galuf and Lenna got one each of their own. No further comment, they just spin on the stool while we're still in the bar. But that means we can get on the stage!

Please, just scooch down 2 more pixels, so that you can wallow in shame alone.

Piano Lesson 1

This will matter several hours from now, and thankfully all other pianos are unguarded.

Last call for plot! The bartender said Faris is upstairs so let's wrap up the "Talk to Everyone" pro tip from Nintendo Power.

What? (Original)

Faris just stirs in bed.

Seymour Butz, what've you got that goofy look on your face for?
Uh... What do you mean? Must've been a trick of the light or something...

What in the world are you to going on about?

Now shove off! I need some time to myself.

Tenderness in the Air (Pixel Remaster)

I wasn't trying to escape, you just said you wanted some time for yourself, we thought maybe throwing Galuf and Seymour in the sea lake and make them swim to the Wind Shrine ahead of time would cool them off.

And with that, we can finally go to the Wind Shrine next time.