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Part 5: A man a map a canal, Anacapamanama

Part 5 A man a map a canal, Anacapamanama

Possible TW for 90s era awkward handling of gender identity. I'm pretty sure this is the only time I need to mention it, the only other rude line that I can remember from the GBA release much later in the game has been corrected.

We've kicked the pirate crew to the curb, stole the loot Faris explicitly kicked them off the ship to guard, and now we're way onto Torna, the Golden Country some cephalapod infested canal. I've cut out the trip up to the locks.

Fate In Haze (Pixel Remaster)

Seymour holds up the key (ignore the fact that the ship is pointed away from the door).

Seymour Butz! Where in tarnation did you get the key?
Does it matter? Let's get going!

Tarnation is apparently an alteration or euphemism of damnation.

FYI Gadzooks is probably the most offensive of the "tame" curses you can give. It means God's Hooks (the nails used during the crucifixion).

I now return you to our regularly scheduled shitpost.

The door is open, and we can proceed forward.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Okay here's the OST for the next fight Fierce Battle

Alright, lets get into our first fight of the update!

I just fucking love how much they're pushing the particle effects in this game.

If you remember the OP I was said I was going to refer to the PSX names when relevant, and tarnation Soccer is not going to be called anything else.

Well that's enough out of them. They attack, I attack, fun was had by all.

In this fight Soccer is accompanied by the Octokraken, (Octofist in PSX, I guess it gets an honorable mention since its acting as hypeman for the Soccers). I didn't take any pictures of fighting the first set of Soccers, but notice that Seymour Butz and Galuf are still at full HP. That NPC in Tule mentioned the beasts only target women so Lenna has taken a hit and... Faris?

Apropos of nothing, I see that every one of our characters have shadows. Four shadows in all.

Here's the "end" of the dungeon. I believe you might be able to return here, but I don't have a save at a point where I can test this yet. For now, consider this is the last chance to fight Soccers and Octokrakens for your bestiary. The canal is long enough that you're practically guaranteed 2 fights so you'd have to be unlucky to miss both.

Close Call (Original)

As the ship passes that narrow strait this whirlpool comes roaring to life.

Oh no... The monster of the canal...

You'd better figure something out fast, 'cause we're getting sucked in!

Syldra, what's wrong!?
Look alive, something's coming!

The Fierce Battle (Pixel Remaster) (For real this time)

I forgot to show it during Wing Raptor, but bosses get a special non cube based encounter transition.

Say hello to... no, this is not the crab that was a friend to the hydra. This isn't even a crab at all! This is Karl Boss.

Karl Boss has 3 moves: an attack, Feeler, and Tail Screw. Feeler here is a physical attack that also inflicts paralysis. If for some reason you were some sort of thrill seeker or something Feeler is a death sentence.

The aftermath of Feeler, Galuf is prone until it wears off. As for other actions Karl has Tail Screw (not pictured because Karl just wanted to Feeler and pinch) Sets the HP of the target to single HP.

Otherwise its just a slobberknocker. Karl Boss is basically a lesson that you can heal in battle. Brought a White Mage? No? Then Potion up the paralyzed friend or anyone who got Tail Screwed. Or be a blue mage and Vampire his own health away.

Karl coughs up enough ABP to teach everyone !Check, the last time in this LP it will ever be acknowledged. :toot:

Infinitely more useful than that is a tent.

After the fight ends the ship gets launched out of the whirlpool.

...because Syldra just pushed us out.

Syldra!!! Lemme go! Unhand me! Syldra!!!

That red tint is because the sun is setting... right?


Yeah, definitely, that's the ticket, its night now so that red flash was just the sun going down.

As well as can be expected. We should leave him be.
The ship is just drifting with the current...

The ship is slowly plodding to the northeast.

Galuf wakes up with the ship knocked up against a mast, or maybe a bit of boom. Those might be docks we're near but they're in pretty lousy shape if they are.

Where is this?

Brrrrrr. All the more reason to hotfoot it out of here!

Cursed Lands (Original)

Let's check out the end of this "dock"

Some stones erupt from the water and Seymour hops from stone to stone.

We get a flail, which is a weapon upgrade for White Mage. Flails are usable at full strength in the back row but at the expense of accuracy.

Here's our first fight in the zone. Neither of these are that interesting in a fight. However their drops are worth looking forward to. Skeletons drop daggers which would be a welcome upgrade from Lenna's knife. Calcruthl (CrystSlugs in the PSX, which honestly seems more coherent. This thing is one of the very few possible indications that someone localizing this might have gotten a peek of what they were doing rather than just looking at a text file) can drop elixirs.

To the north is this cabin, the only place we can access right now.

The ominous purple fog on the windows really brings the room together.

If you didn't notice in the previous room that doors leading to other areas in this zone have a purple haze in front of them. So that indent at the center here is a door.

A... Carthulu or whatever got me an Elixir on the way there.

Another tent. Tents are great this early on if you get in a bad spot. As long as you can get to a save point a tent is much cheaper than a phoenix down to prop someone up.

If we go straight forward from the stairs rather than take that tent detour:

What, are you going to melt or something? Come on!

Another room another fight: This time introducing an zombie golem. This guy can also drop elixirs.

Mo money, mo rods.

Another fork, to the north is treasure (phoenix down), the south door is progress.

A skeleton drops a dagger.

Seymour and friends have gotten back above water and looks like they've reached the crew quarters.

This room seems safe enough... Let's take a rest. I'm going to change into some dry clothes... No peeking!

I'm fine like this... Don't worry about me.

Hey, what're you doing? Get away! Don't touch me!!!

Now I think I should warn anyone who might have glossed over some of the incredibly ham handed foreshadowing, but this is a product of the 90s. I love this game but there is going to be some... probably poor choices in words coming up.

It gets better about it, promise.

What's all the commotion?

Of course not... But why were you trying to hide it?

The Day Will Come (Pixel Remaster)

Yeah, so?


Uh, okay...

Next morning

Cursed Lands (Original)

Hey, old man! That's enough lollygagging from the likes of you! On your feet! Let's go!

Her tone smacks of machismo to me.

That's for certain!

So Faris... as far as I'm concerned I'm referring to Faris as Faris (unless transcribing. I'm pretty sure I didn't refer to Faris as anyone other than captain til now), unless calling Faris Faris just gets way too obnoxious in which I'll refer to Faris as they/them.

TL;Dr: I'm going to go with the PSX version's translation of Butz's dialog.

Deal with it! Faris is Faris.

Save point in the next room, this is about the 2/3 mark of the dungeon.

After getting above deck and weaving around more wreckage we reach this door. Its optional but treasure is treasure.

Behold the world map. In previous versions this would let you open up the map on the overworld. We can already do that. But better to grab it now because if we don't it'll just haunt us for a few more dungeons.

Next deck down are 3 more chests, this will cap off all the treasures of the ship graveyard. If you're looking to grind for elixirs I believe this is the best room to do it in, as every fight has at least one enemy that drops them.

Speaking of capping things off, the mindflusher is the last monster in the zone to fight. I've considered it my duty to inform anyone whose reading my drivel that this tangible human skull is screaming so loud that it can be heard for miles. Also so loud that it has ripped his face clear off. Sweet dreams.

Just a moment ago I said that the 3 chests were the last to get. This one is just a switch.

A switch that raises the back half of the ship above water.

:siren: This dungeon doesn't go away immediately, but it does go away. As such make sure you've got these enemies in the bestiary.

Undead Husk

Deception (original)


Lenna!? Ahhh...

Who's that? I just can't remember...

The three of them collapse and their soul or life's spark or whatever leave their bodies.

Lady Dimitrescu, eat your heart out. Behold the tallest sprite in the game.

Never, demon!

Still, I'm feeling generous... I could be convinced to spare yours if you ran home quietly.

Why would you risk your life for these people?

Don't be fooled by her trickery! Open your eyes!

Galuf! Uh-oh-here it comes!

The Fierce Battle (Pixel Remaster)

Siren starts off with one of the best openers she can. She could also cast haste (which sucks but not as bad as you'd think), or slow, which right now the only way you can cure is by death and reviving.

Blue Magic doesn't care about silence. Also Siren has high magic defense, so goblin fist from the back row is good damage.

After opening with her status effect opener she begins just rolling out damaging magic spells.

I misspoke about how Vampire works, it doesn't do (Maximum HP - Current HP) of damage to the target while healing half of that, it deals and cures half. Not great but still in terms of action economy Faris isn't wasting a turn curing since they're still dealing damage.

A few turns in Siren goes into a new phase. This is why I mentioned haste isn't too bad, since Haste goes away with the form change. However unlike Wing Raptor we can and should continue the offensive.

In the undead phase of the fight Siren trades high magic stats for high physical stats. So now Aero will be the main source of damage.

Undead Siren just does truckloads of physical damage (unless there's a bunch of lucky shield blocks), and has a special attack called Venomous Clasp that does heavy damage and poisons. She didn't this time though.

As mentioned in the job synopsis between updates, Learn allows a non blue mage to capture blue magic. There aren't any enemies who have any right now but we're ready for it when the time comes.

If I sandbagged the fight to let her turn back to her magic mode, she'd have dropped a bronze armor.

Cursed Lands (Original)

Ehh, don't sweat it.
Aww, you're blushing!

What? Come on click on it, you know you wanna.

Next time, useless towns and flying cats.