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Part 33: Final Jobs

The Last Jobs


While Freelancers are actually the first job, they only really come into their own once you gain abilities to use with them.

Without being able to tap into other jobs abilities and passives Freelancer can only attack or use items. We know that items can be used to great effect but there's only so much to do alone.

Mastered jobs pass on their best stats to Freelancer and most of their passives as well, so a Freelancer doesn't need to worry about tying up one of their slots with Dual Wield to use it. Speaking of, yes plural. Freelancers have two slots to work with which opens up new horizons of mayhem or clownshoes strats.

Learned Skills:


Worth mastering? There's nothing to learn and any moment spent as a Freelancer is a moment not amassing ABP in a job. That being said if you've mastered jobs that give decent speed and a stat to kill something with and you're set to slap a whatever relevant ability you've got and coast to the end of the game in the class.


The Mime class is similar to Freelancer in that they inherit whatever mastered job stats and passives. The Mime replaces !Attack with !Mimic and doesn't use !Item by default. This means that a Mime gets Three Slots to put abilities on. The versatility of a third open slot can't be understated, especially if you've toiled to learn !Dualcast. Any other job could only ever hope to cast 2 low level White or Black spells and one other school. Mime could dual cast middling WHite and Black Spells and the whole gamut of Summon and Time.

There is a tradeoff however. The Mime doesn't have the Freelancer's ability to equip all armor and weapons. This really only means they can't equip Ribbons, as their weapon list still includes knives and rods.

Learned Skills:

!Mimic (999 ABP)
Any job can use !Mimic as an ability. !Mimic allows the user to copy the last ally action without cost. Especially nice for !Mix personally as in my play through my lack of grinding left me with way too few Dragon Fangs.

Worth mastering?Only for the achievement. Any other job !Mimicing ties up a slot for something else, at which point you should just be a Mime.