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Part 14: Faris vs. Family Bonding

Didn't have many fights last update, so there's little progress from before. This update's actually kinda the same way, as this is going to be story-heavy.

Last time, we slew a sandworm to walk over its corpse. Here's us doing that.

This is a short dungeon since there's nowhere to really explore. Just let the sand take you south.

You've seen all the enemies before, so I'll just show you more Geomancery.

This is the only ability I learn this update, and it's kinda hilarious that the best ability the Geomancer has to offer is the one you learn first.

Since the other abilities are situationally useful, I'd rather save Geomancer grinding for the first dungeon they're useful in. Now's as good a time as any to go back to Thief, and with Earth Faris doesn't need to worry about weaponry or staying in the front row to do damage.

After a short sand-surfing to the other side of the desert, we're ready to make our next march toward our destination.

It goes about how you'd expect.

Anyway, here's our next destination over in the middle of nowhere.

Welcome to...Gorn Town? Frankly, the town's name is irrelevant so whatever.

Do you think this is the Town of Ruin Cid talked about?

It's the only town here, so probably.

Who was that?
King Tycoon...?

Thus begins a oh-so-fun game of "Find the tile to step onto that will activate the next story trigger." Basically you randomly wander around until you're lucky enough to get Tycoon to show up. It ends up being a pain-in-the-ass and makes the whole situation seem sillier than it otherwise would be.

Anyway, once we've finally cornered the bastard...


So you really ARE my sister!
I shudda admitted it sooner... forgimme...

And so a plot twist the game didn't really give a shit about hiding is finally, mercifully uncovered. Faris tries to justify keeping it a secret in the other versions, but it's minor differences at best (other than pirate speak, of course).

Where's Galuf?
Hey, that's right...
We must've gotten separated when we fell down that hole...

We'll probably find him later... Let's go on!


If there's one thing I love about this game outside its wonderful gameplay, it's how much humor it can mine from its situations. I wish more games actually made an effort to be funny, but hey.

Anyway, we're in this odd place, so let's explore.

Somehow we transition to Crescent Island.

Cue a hallowing escape sequence.

That ends with a nice faceplant after diving away from an explosion. Alright, then.


Right. At least we kept our promise to Bartz.

In the GBA version, Mid brags about returning a chocobo to a forest like he was asked to do. That said, I don't know how these guys expected to make it back to the Ancient Library, but who really cares.


Musta been some kind of warp apparatus.
After jes sittin' thar all that time it must've broke when we tried to use it...

So the party warped to Crescent Island, where Cid and Mid are now at, because plot convenience.

Only thing to do is progress.

This is an odd dungeon. The main thing is there are no encounters, so there's more emphasis on actually exploring the few rooms there are.

There's some neat stuff in this room, including a place to heal up.

Huh? Something's etched in the wall here. Check ...middle room...

Check the urn.

...What the fuck was all that about.

Our reward for all that are two Shurikens and the Mini spell, our missing L2 White Mage spell. So yeah.

Pushing the switch just oh-so-conveniently opens a pit right where the Ids were standing because plot convenience.

That's the beauty of being goofy with your game, though. You can just flat-out ignore when the game makes no sense plot-wise because the game doesn't really take itself that seriously anyway.

Anyway, by accidentally killing the Ids, we can progress to the end.

So, what's that ship way over there?

Look at this fucking beauty. Guess what transportation we'll be using next.

Can't have an airship without a Cid being involved.

Now where are we? Bartz! Reina, Faris...and Galuf!

How did you get here?
We rode the black chocobo back to Crescent Island, then all of a sudden, we fell down this huge hole...
So...I guess that would put us under the island?

That's why the Fire Ship's here.
Looks like the place was built long ago.
What's with this funny prop-ship?
Grandpa can explain better than me...Hey, where is he?

Say, Cid...
Not now!

Did what?!


Cid and Mid literally run around in random directions, showing how batshit excited they are.

Looks like an airship to me! Read about one once... but never dreamed they really existed!

Then a screen shake later...

We're being dragged down by something.

Anyway, after a point of no return and a lengthy story scene, we end up fighting this boss. That would be a bigger deal if this guy wasn't so god damn pathetic.

Tail Screw will knock a character down to single-digit HP. Nothing Bartz can't fix with a Cure2.

Don't really need it, but it can't hurt.

So Clay Claw's weak to lightning.

It doesn't last very long. Drops a free Ice Bow, at least.

The GBA version's take on this dialogue is...well, let me just put it like this.


Ha! Looks like that overgrown lobster just got served!
With cheese biscuits AND mashed potatoes!



We'll stay behind and search for the Earth Crystal here!
You search the skies. Get going!!

Anyway, we've got ourselves an airship. But before we sail it, how about a little build-up?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our airship.

That said...there's actually nowhere to go that we couldn't have gone before with the Black Chocobo, so it's kind of a hollow victory.

That said, we can fly over everything, and it can land on the ground without needing a nearby forest, so at least it's convenient.

Plus you can land it on water and sail it like a ship. Lets you encounter water enemies that way.

Anyway, there is one new thing to do before plot, so let's do that.



Seein' you in this room just now... Tis then did I remember ye were me

And the dialogue just ends there. Oops!

Cure... Cure2... Cure3... Cure... Cure2... Cure 3...

Your mother said for you to put Reina to bed. You go on while I grade these tests!
All right.

Reina... father's going to take me for a ride on the dragon tomorrow.

He says there's nothing like flying through the sky. From up high they say people look like motes...

The GBA translation's a bit cuter and plays around with the spells. I think quoting it would do it better justice.


Flyin' up high is s'posed t' be the bestest thing ever, Papa says. An'
when you look down on them, all the people're s'posed to look like they cast
Float on themselves!

(She blinks, confused.)

Wait... Um, not Float, but Toad? Teleport? Uhh... Mini? Yeah, that's it,
they look like they were Minied!


Let's not tell the Chancellor about you right away. He'd only try and make you stay.
Ye're right...

Overall, a nice little scene that gives us a bit more backstory between the sisters Reina and Salsa.

This fucking translation.

Anyway, let's go back to this town and see if we can find Tycoon.