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Part 29: Krile vs. X-Death

So we're almost ready to take on X-Death. Just gotta spend a lot of effort to get one more Blue Magic spell.

But first, let's pick up some treasure. MagiShuriken is the next level of Shuriken, probably better known as Fuma Shuriken, while the Partisan is a spear that pops up several times in the series.

The Excalipar's actual attack damage is horrible, but it has its uses. Goblin Punch makes use of its damage formula just-fine, and Faris would probably be out-damaging Reina if the latter wasn't covered in Vigor-boosting equipment. And, you know, wasn't attacking four times a round.

Unfortunately, Faris is L31, so I need her to gain a level. The fewer people alive after a battle, the more EXP each survivor gets. So instead of splitting 2800 EXP four ways, Faris gets it all. Handy.

Here's Aero 3 in action. I don't have the Air Knife equip, which boosts wind damage. It's a very handy spell that is just as awesome as the L3 Black Magic spells, if not slightly better due to wind generally being a more useful element to have.

Of course, fighting solo has its risks.

But then I accidentally cast Mute. Mute, the Time Mage spell, works a bit weirdly.

Nobody can cast spells, so these guys are now completely useless since they have no physical attacks whatsoever.

Faris also can't cast spells, but at least she can swap in the Air Knife and plink away at them.

Like so.

Eventually, Faris hits L32, and we're on the way to getting another Blue Magic spell.

Gotta run until

There we go.

Remember the Red Dragon, and having to cast Reflect on it to bounce L3 Flare onto Faris? Same principle here, though I believe Magic Dragon will also cast it on its own. This is slightly more reliable, though.

Alright, that's a third of an update dedicated to getting one damn Blue Magic spell. At least we only need four more spells to complete it.

Right, so here's our updated party. Reina's close to mastering Ninja, and Faris close to Blue Mage. Bartz's about to get L6 White Magic, and Krile's in Bard which only needs 175AP to be mastered anyway. As a reminder, Bartz has Red Mage mastered, Reina has Ranger, Krile has Monk and Trainer, and Faris has Thief and Geomancer. So not even close to getting all five mastered for each character. Meh.

Anyway, after Gilgamesh, there's nothing else but the end of the dungeon. Just one fight to go.

So let's do this.

X-Death! You'll never get away with this!
Mwa, ha, ha, ha... Have you any idea just what it is I'm planning on "getting away" with?

No. I can see you wouldn't understand even if I explained.

And here we go!

Now we fight X-Death for real.

He has a ton of nasty attacks, so hopefully you're well prepared for him.

Reina's strategy is to spam Aim (since Sshot would just be weaker with Double Lances and she has nothing else that's useful). I don't even bother Berserking her so I don't make the fight so challenging.

Krile starts off with Strength Song, as Regen can be useful in long battles.

Vacuum Wave misses, fortunately. It can be quite the damaging attack.

Haste2, of course.

And here's where things go insane, because Redx2 means I can buff my party at incredible speeds. Blink + Shell in four rounds? Buff and heal after a nasty attack? It's just incredible with White Magic.

Anyway, Krile goes into Speed Song so my party can run circles around X-Death. I don't Blink her so I can knock her out of it eventually, letting her move on to Black Magic.

From then on, it's Reina and Faris dealing ~2000 damage a round. This is with the Air Knife, of course.

Oh, right, X-Death. He has a ton of magic he can use. Of course, Shell reduces it significantly, as you can see from Krile being the only one without Shell.

Sounds like a good excuse to cast Float.

Protes is insurance in case of multiple attacks, and because Bartz is running out of things to do.

Eventually, X-Death will start casting L3 spells for what would be major damage if not for Shell. He also has Condemned, which kills a character after a countdown. He didn't cast it here, but no biggie because we'll run into it later. Yeah, it's more Blue Magic.

I let Bartz smack Krile with the Healing Staff, which also knocks her out of her Speed Song.


After all of that, poor fucker never had a chance. Between Bartz's abilities to render the party near-invincible and Krile and Faris having our party moving at the speed of light, we just humiliate the poor guy.

But he's the big bad of the game, so it's worth it. Of course, if you're not packed to the gills with awesome abilities and the experience to know how to use them, this guy can be difficult as hell.

They're beginning to break up!

Of course, killing X-Death ended up meaning jack shit, as the crystals just explode anyway.

So in the end, we didn't accomplish anything. Welcome to Final Fantasy, folks.