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Part 32: Reina vs. Dragon

Ugafjgdsfds Fuck This Shit. First I lose part of the recording of this dungeon, and now I lose the first half of the update after I finish writing it. Ugh.

Anyway, Bartz is a Dancer to add more physicality to this party. Together, these guys can almost hit as hard as one of Reina's attacks!

While getting other resources for this update, I found these two on the Final Fantasy Wiki. The desert's from Bartz's world, yet it overshadows the Forest of Moore from Krile's world. There's a ton of overlap between the two worlds, even opening up stuff previous inaccessible. It's a nice touch.

Anyway, Pyramids time.

Each of the main dungeons are guarded by a pair of Gargoyles. These guys are a bit of a pain.

You see, if just one dies, it'll come back almost immediately. Thus, you have to try to kill them both simultaneously.

That's not hard with L3 spells, though, and they go down quickly enough.

Alright, so now we can gain access to the pyramid.

After we camp out on it, of course.

There's a lot of traps and annoying enemies floating around here.

A lot of rooms will release a pair of these guys, who are hilarious fragile and are not scary in the least.

There's also a ton of monster-in-box encounters, many of which are dominated by these guys. They're pretty strong, though they're undead.

You can pick up Condemned from them, a spell that will kill you in 30 seconds. It actually has its uses.


Eh, alright.

Dancer kinda sucks here, since his draining attacks suck against the undead. Still, his physical attacks are decent enough.

Nice robe upgrade for mages. There's a Black Robe as well that I get in the missing footage.

More traps, poison spikes and sliding stairs.

Pyramidia and BrandLamia. Alright, whatever.

Notice that I switched Krile to Bard.

That's why.

More traps.

Eh, alright.

I hope that wasn't intentional. There's also regular Mummies.

This gives a hefty defense boost but inflicts Condemn on you, killing you in 30 seconds. Meh.

These guys have high defense and aren't undead, so they're kinda a pain to deal with.

And this is where my recording cut out. So, a summary:

Krile learns Sing and masters Bard. I switch to Lancer with Sing, where Requiem goes from ~2000 damage as Bard to ~1300 as Lancer, due to the Lancer's crap magic. Still nice, but not as awesome.

Notable loot: An extra Ribbon and HairOrnament, which are nice. There's the Thornlet, a high-defense helmet that inflicts Sap. A Black Costume, a decent light armor upgrade, and CrystalMail, a nice heavy-armor upgrade. Finally, the Protect Ring, a ring that boosts defenses and has auto-Regen.

Zefa Zone (what) is a summoner that will heal/buff whatever she summons. She's not undead, and thus annoying to deal with.

These guys guard a chest. They hit hard, though you can confuse them and let them kill themselves.

Then there's Mecha Head. There's a room where you have to try to avoid these guys while walking around narrow paths, or else you fight them. They're tricky as hell, especially since you can't run and they can throw stuff at you. I almost died to these guys, but eventually I found something that worked on them: Condemned. A spell I'd have little use for otherwise, this spell actually worked, meaning I just spent time healing or whatnot while waiting for a countdown to kill it. In retrospect, I probably could've just spammed Bolt 3 as well. Ah well.

There's also some weird irrelevant mini-boss named Sekmet who will whine about his brother in a tower before dying. Sure.

Skipping ahead a bit, and here's where I was at when my recording started working again.

This is actually near the end of the dungeon, though I still have a bit of treasure to get.

This can cast Earthshaker at times, which would be nice if the Berserker didn't have shit magic. In one or two of these versions, you can equip Thornlet on a Berserker to actually have their magic be so low it wraps around to being high, making this more powerful.

There's also this room, which had great loot, where the paths alternate (though more slowly than this GIF). You'll fall to the below room if you mess up.

So we've got our first lithograph. Sweet!


The pyramid's kind enough to give us a shortcut back to the top.

See, told ya it was a dragon peninsula and not a fucking bird one.

Also, shit, our airship was on that peninsula!

Welp. At least I have Refle-

Oh. Yeah, that's fine. I'm in no rush to fight you right now.

This is actually our airship, something Faris knows in the other versions. Now we can get to it and actually fly around.

Just gotta stop by the Sealed Castle, get our weapons, and fly around.

Oh, hey, Reina!


"Reina, what the hell are you doing, lying there unconscious after a traumatic event where you barely escaped alive?" Yeah, the other translations are more, "Wake up!"

What the?

Who said that?

Why'd he tell you this in a warning voice? In the other translations, X-Death is much more theatric about explaining Merugene's/Melusine's (RPGe/GBA) origins.



And now the Library of Ancients is gone. If you didn't get the Magic Song earlier, it's gone permanently now. Welp!, no...

And so the Dragon sacrifices itself by ramming right into Reina.

So, uh... Mellusion.

She's one of those bosses who changes weaknesses. Fortunately, she started off weak to fire, so I exploit the hell out of it.

And of course Bartz is back to White Mage duties against a boss.

In a ballsy move, I cast Scan followed by a random L2 spell.

Got it right!

I rip through her quickly.

Bartz ...I...
Sister...Krile... The castle...I'm being consumed in darkness...
It's all right, don't try 'n' talk...

Things are as fucked up as ever, but at least the party's back together.

Next time, freedom! This is where the fun really begins.