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Part 41: Faris vs. Blue Mage

Only two bosses, and already I'm up 200AP. You can gain a good chunk of AP here.

So last time, we entered the final dungeon and defeated a super-boss. We've got a lot more bosses to mow down first, so let's get on that.

A couple more rooms in, we find this area.

But in any case, you're finished. The instant you touched this book, you activated the dimension switch!!

Oh, lookie, a boss!

Apprehendr, better known as Apanda, is a Byblos clone.

Thus, fire wrecks his ass.

Ifrit actually scares the shit out of him, despite being pretty weak at this point.

Also, notice that the dialogue has him as Apanda. This won't be the last time there's difference between the in-battle and out-of-battle translations this update.

Anyway, I hit the chicken with the Chicken Knife a few times and he dies.

You can now open or close the book, which changes the exit. Closed, it goes back to the cave. Open, you go to the next area.

for a moment...That is the secret of GigaFlare."

This book talks about an upcoming boss with a nasty gimmick that I end up humiliating.

"From out of the sky appeared...Omega, the heartless. Another followed him who was called Dragon Lord. Yea, even those who wielded the 12 fabled weapons could not stand against them. Sleep! Deep in the N-zone, where none may molest nor disturb their rest. Yea, let man speak not of them evermore."

This references the two super-bosses, one of which we just crushed. We'll meet the other later.

Next up, a floating sky area with invisible pathways. A pretty cool area, really.

Dragons and Ninjas. Reina can kill the ninjas before they even move due to her own ninja training.

The next area is a castle, and it's got quite a few bosses.

It also has pretty powerful regular encounters, like the beefy Iron Giant who ends up being a boss in a couple of later games.

We get Winged Shoes (aka RunningShoes/Hermes Sandals, the haste-set accessory) and Thor's Hammer, an elemental hammer that's not worth using.

This weird little room actually has a couple bosses to it.

This is Azulmagia. "azul" is "blue" in some languages.

This guy's gimmick is casting many blue magic spells. Pretty much all he does is cast Blue Magic, which makes it a nice place to learn spells you may be missing. This actually happens to be the one Blue Mage spell I'm missing, but he hit Krile instead of Faris, the jerk.

Now, people think Azulmagia knows every Blue Magic spell, but he doesn't. He knows quite a few spells, though, and there's something special about this guy that most people never actually knew.

He can learn Blue Magic himself! There's a few spells, like L3 Flare, Magic Hammer, and of course Exploder (Self-Destruct here, again, not the last time this will happen) that, when hit with them, Azulmagia will learn those spells and start using them in his rotation.

Like he does with Exploder here. Feel free to watch this play out in a minute's time in video form.

Of course, there's a couple spells like Pep Up that he doesn't know and can't learn, but that doesn't really matter anymore because I taught a Blue Mage how to kill himself.

This unlocks a save point, for a bit of convenience.

Each of the six old men here are Alte Roits.

Hitting one turns him into JuraAvis, who uses attacks like Maelstrom but is otherwise more a nuisance.

And since I haven't shown it off yet, here's Holy. With a Sage Staff equipped to boost Holy and Redx2, Bartz can do a single target close to 10k damage. Not too shabby.

Here's a filler boss.

And this is pretty much all he did the entire fight.

And here's him dying.

Keep in mind each boss gives a good chunk of ABP, so you'll be making progress on jobs that way.

The two items guarded by three old men each both increase the chance of Sword Dance triggering when using Dance. I believe Equip Ribbon also lets you equip them in other classes.

I've been locked up down here. And, for saving me, you have my eternal thanks

...moving on.

Here's a Yojimbo.

A dagger that deals extra damage against humanoid enemies. Alright, then.

An unknown force pushes us to the throne.

C'mere...I'll treat you right...

Who's saying that?

And why did Harikalnasson become Halycanos?

HaliK will start off making someone a toad. Alright, then.

Then he dies.

More random enemies. SwrdDancer can zombify someone, which is unpleasant.

That's as far as you go. Beyond is where the power of The Void is contained. You shall not enter.

The last boss of this area is Twin Tania, and if you aren't prepared this guy can be scary. He can cast a few spells, including Leviathan's tidal wave, and can even cast MegaFlare, though he has to charge and make himself more vulnerable to get it off.

My party being awesome, though, it doesn't get to show off how scary it is.

And here's the entrance to the last part of the final dungeon.

Next time, we run into an old rival.