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Part 43: The Warriors of Light vs. X-Death

This is our last status update of the game, and thus our final stats. I ended up mastering all 21 jobs between four people and got most of the best loot in the game. All that's left is the final boss.

The Necrophobe save point was right next to X-Death. Let's do this!

Fwa, ha, ha... I finally got it. The greatest power known to man.

Death to all who dare stand in our way! For starters, I'm sure you'll enjoy watching your friends being sucked into The Void!!

And so the Val soldiers and Krile's dragon are absorbed...

As are the pirates and Koko...

And even Cid and Mid. OK, that last one isn't that great a loss.

And so our heroes fall into the Void as well. So much for that!



Zeza! Kelga!


Bartz! Reina! Faris! Krile! You beat him while we hold back the power of The Void! What will save the world now isn't darkness, but you...

Warriors of the Crystal in the RPGe version, though I prefer Warriors of Light since it's a nice callback to FF1.

Why is the power of The Void disappearing?! Take this!!


And so everyone's zombie space dads get together to stop the evil tree from sending the princesses to a zone of emptiness.

And to think some people wonder why this series is so popular.

Enough plot. Now we fight!

Meet X-Death in tree form. He's actually not that scary, though he has a few nasty attacks.

First, all the buffs. Guardian/Haste2, Krile sings LVLSong to boost everything, Bartz layers Blink and Golem to nullify physical attacks, and Reina gets ready to wreck shit.

With Ragnarok, Reina's now dealing close to 6000 damage a hit. With LVL Song, it's only going to go up.

In fact, I actually take it easy here just to show off what X-Death can do before I wipe the floor with him.

He's got some powerful magic and physicals. He also has an attack that both kills and petrifies a character. Of course, my team has Ribbons, so no biggie.

After letting LVL Song run awhile, I let Reina finish off X-Death. The song boosted her Chicken Knife damage to 5000. So now she's doing around 30000 a round. Yikes.

WHY!? I had the Void's power! What is this pow-urghhh!

And so we did it. We defeated X-Death.

But of course, that's not all. It's a Final Fantasy game, so that means there's an out-of-nowhere final form. Listen to the awesome final battle music, and enjoy one of the toughest final bosses in the series.

Your memories, your beings, all dimensions, I erase! Then I'll erase myself...

Meet Neo X-Death, the final boss. This guy's no slouch.

Neo X-Death's main gimmick is that he has four parts, each of which can do some nasty attacks.

I'm confident enough that I take a lax approach against him, spreading out damage with Bartz's Holy and Krile's Flare spells. Spreading damage is usually a good idea with this guy anyway, as you'll see later.

Also, all buffs, including the increased levels from LVL Song, stick with Neo X-Death. A good strategy is to sing the shit out of your party during regular X-Death so you're prepped to wreck shit with insane stat boosts against Neo.

A big problem is Neo X-Death is that, like Sandworm, he also has dummy targets that can take hits from the main forms. This limits Reina and especially Faris's effectiveness. Reina still deals big damage to the targets she does hit, but for once she's not the major powerhouse dominator she usually is, while Faris's only effective attacks are the Masamune, Aero3, and Meteor. She's pretty gimped this fight, making Krile and Bartz my big damage dealers here.

Neo X-Death's big attack is UltraGust, known better as Almagest or whatever. Basically, big magic damage.

The jerk also Dispels Faris's buffs. You jerk.

This lets you know he's about to let loose with one of his big attacks.

One of the parts also has X-Death's nasty physical attacks.

And, of course, Flare.

Grand Cross is another nasty move that can inflict a variety of random status effects. Fortunatley, no one gets anything, including the non-Ribbon-wearing Bartz.

Also, there's Delta Attack, which Bartz blocks with the Aegis Shield like a boss. Seriously, the Aegis Shields are fucking amazing.

This is the most damage Neo X-Death can do to me. Without Shell, this would be nasty.

When everything stops looking so color-filtered for a second, that means you just killed one of the parts. Good for you!

Of course, once Neo gets down to just one part, then he starts going batshit insane on you, taking double-turns and throwing dangerous shit like Meteor in your face.

At one point, Krile's so low on MP all she can do is cast Bio until Faris feeds her an Elixir.

Maelstrom is also abound.

And so Bartz saves the world.

I like these little effects, as it gives the illusion that they're actually moving free-form in space, despite the 2D limitations.

Even though we beat X-Death?

The world'll be engulfed in The Void...

Hope, bless the earth!

Courage, light the fire!

Kindness, revive the water!

Quest, ride the winds of knowledge.

And so, the crystals...

...return to where the litographs stood.

Back to their original homes, I'd imagine.

And all places absorbed by The Void are returned to their rightful places.

There must have been some power left in the crystals.
I'm so glad...

Now the wind will return to Tycoon.

Kelga! And Zeza!

It's too soon for you to come where we are.

And so the Warriors of Light manage to escape The Void thanks to the Dragon.

Next time, the epilogue.