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Part 44: Final Chapter - Krile vs. Loneliness

Final Chapter - Krile vs. Loneliness

Got a letter!

Now it's time to check up to what everyone's been up to since the final battle. Enjoy the lovely music.

Note: They didn't do anything to save the party from the Void, thus why the other translations don't say they did.

I've traveled around a lot since then, and it looks like things are peaceful like before.

Faris seems worried about the pirate crew...

Said he wanted to be with his parents for a while before his next trip.

Boko and Koko just had a baby. It's really cute. You have to come see it.

Again, there's multiple children. I don't know why they keep saying it's just one.

Reina and Faris are busy with the castle, and Bartz is on the road again.

This part keeps tearing me up. They've saved the world and all, but in the end Krile still feels alone. She lost her last relative, and her friends have gone on with their lives.

Time for some flashbacks!

Oh, Bartz. So aloof, yet willing to risk it all for the world, and for his friends.

Reina, loving animals to a fault. Not that she isn't compassionate about her friends, either, of course.

Even with the crazy accent and weird lines, Faris is still a badass in her own right, willing to risk her own life to save those of her friends.

And Krile, brave for someone so young, forming a quick bond with her comrades after dealing with the death of her grandfather.

Yeah, I'm kind of laying the "friend" theme on a bit thick, here, but that's because that's the one real theme this game has.


If grandpa hadn't save me then, I would have been done for...

Someday, I'm sure...

Sounds as great a time as any for the prologue to start up.

Oh, Galuf. So stubborn, so goofy, yet so brave and so dedicated. What a badass.

You all came!!

And this just brings it all together. Whatever else this game lacks in a strong plot, it does a solid job having these characters actually bond and forge friendships. I don't think any other FF game does a better job in showing the party actually becoming friends.

Don't cry, Krile. You've got to be strong.
Galuf's laughin' at yer blubberin'...

Just like my old man protected it...
Do you hear something?

I don't know... I'm not sure... But I hear something...
Aye. I hear it.
It's something warm.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Final Fantasy V. Let's roll the credits!

Enjoy the wonderful Mode 7 graphics!

Where we see some wonderful shots of the party just wandering the world.

There's a huge emphasis in this game on exploration. Bartz starts off exploring, and Krile ends up doing it after the world ends. Faris is all about exploring the high seas. Really, this is a group of people that actually love wandering all over the world.

So yeah, the plot's pretty tame other than Galuf's sacrifice. It doesn't really explore as many themes as FF4, and certainly not as many as later games. Still, it's a light-hearted game that focuses on the bonds of friendship, and the focus on a small group of characters helps out by focusing more on the bonds between those characters, something most other games don't really get to dedicate much time to due to the large size of some of the casts.

That's the closest I could find to a "Translation" credit, even though I'm sure this is just something else entirely. So I have no clue who was actually responsible for the translation. Oh well.

And, of course, thank you all for following along, throwing in your fan art, giving some great discussions, and correcting the many, many mistakes I've made. This is why I love doing Let's Plays so much.

Each character gets a scene where they fight a guy, then a list of skills pop up. I've already shown them off, so enjoy these final stats.

I don't know why Mime Bartz uses Lancer. Whatever.


Hold on! Before we get to that, there's one more thing to show off! For the PS1 version, Square also made an Ending FMV! Nothing too flashy, but hey, it's nice to look at. Enjoy!

Enjoy the Ending FMV in HD Glory!

And with that, we're done.

The story's not much to look at, but who gives a shit? The important thing is that this game is one of the most replayable in the series, thanks to the expertly-executed Job System. Mixing and matching whatever jobs you want leads to a large amount of strategies to tackle bosses with, including methods you'd never otherwise use. There's so much challenge potential as well to keep things fresh, as well as a ton of bosses to make you adapt strategies at will.

Thank you very much for following along!