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This is 21 screenshots. It covers about a dozen hours of effort.

My god.

This is a short demonstration of the problems with Berserkers and Sandworm.

It's pretty much the only video you should watch because the others are terrible endless slogs. Objectively bad and serve more as records than entertainment.

Around 83% of the time these dunderheads will try to hit a hole or space Sandworm could be and be met with a Gravity in response.

All the while Sandworm is applying the tiny bit of pressure to make it fatal.

Did I mention the Berserkers hit for very little since Sandworm is perpetually in the back row, so not only are they unlikely to hit it they don't hit it hard.

We have to throw out an abusrd number of successful hits, all the while avoiding failures, which is astronomically unlikely. A 17% to hit the worm, with a 1/5 chance unless the Berserker is using Knives.

the Main Gauche is singular, Mage Mashers proc Silence which triggers a second Gravity, and Mythril Knives are puny.

So I'm stuck with all the randomness in the world possible. I am no longer an actor in my own success.

I want you to grasp how terrible this all is. Please tell me you understand a fraction of my torment.

Hoo boy you two will be waiting.

Because this worm isn't going anywhere.

So I try to find a decent grinding spot. Ramuh is dealt with so swiftly it's shocking (heh) he's a boss.

Seriously for everything that isn't Sandworm or stacked against the fight command these guys will trample it.

Oh like it'd be that easy to grind from level 18 to the thirties. Minidragons give the best EXP around, but Frostbite deals pretty significant damage and they use it a lot. They're also extremely evasive and a pentad, so without Flame Rings they'll probably win any given fight, or at least hurt so much it's too risky.

Of course I try the worm every now and then to see if anything changes.

It doesn't.

This is a seperate shot than the one above.

Here is a video of attempt #7. The vast majority of my attempts end up like this.

Eventually I buy some Ogre Killers from Jachol. The increased damage from the Death Sickles is not worth the two Gravities.

Also notice the money. All the level grinding has left Thorg absurdly wealthy. Eventually I pick up full sets of Angel Rings and Flame Rings, a total of 400,000 gil. The Flame Rings mean I can finally reliably fight Minidragons.

It... didn't help that much. Here's Galuf blocking an attack from Sandworm shortly before Sinkhole's sap removes his singular hit point.

I don't think they even got to hit it.

Of course it's hard to tell when the several dozen attempts start to run together because they're all such similar failures. They keep smacking empty spots, gravity comes pouring in.

Somewhere in all the grinding the team masters Berserker.

It... didn't help any.

Gravity is a spell that can miss. Thorg & Friends have a fairly significant level advantage over the holes. The Plumed Hat and Angel Ring give another 15%, cutting the hit rate of Gravity to about 2/3.


It really only added thirty seconds.






And fourteen tries later, the dice fall just right! Gravity misses enough and the Berserkers hit enough that they survive and succeed! The fucking worm has finally fucking fallen!

Level 37. The team's at level 37. That's endgame levels. We're just gonna coast until the end probably.


Nah just kidding, I saved before trying that because I'm not a moron!

1 from Liquid Flame, 1 from Minidragons, 1 from the joke, and 77 deaths at this fairly early game boss who is not really all that hard if you have mastered the mystical art of not hammering A blindly and targeting randomly and somehow hitting 3 dummies that can't be hit normally.

Sandworm is kind of rigged against Berserkers.