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Or, since Thorg is level 37 nothing can really stop him and he glides through the rest of the first world.

The desert is pretty boring since Thorg & Friends are comically high level.

Hey what about Crayclaw, the boss that follows Sandworm?

...What's that, he only has 2000 HP and is vulnerable to instant death?


Confirming this line is in this translation.

Advancing the story yadda yadda yadda.

Adamantoise is only slightly tougher than Crayclaw. He's not even in the same galaxy as Sandworm.

I did mention that, with the near 500,000 gil I got during grinding, I have full sets of Angel and Flame Rings, right?

Since Berserkers are innately immune to Confusion, the missile launchers can't kill them.

The set of Flame Rings ignore the flamethrowers.

You said it, Thorg's Friend #3!

I mean, why do I even have these in my inventory?

Clearly the solution to a giant laser gun is to hit it with axes.

Soul Cannon's unlike other bosses in a Berserker SCC in that levels won't make you last longer. Wave Cannon will two-shot the whole party regardless of their HP. The only solution is to win first. Thankfully, I got a bit lucky and won first.


This is the first boost to defense since Karnak, and Thorg likes defense. He gets punched in the face a lot.

A strange theme running through this SCC is just how absurdly lucky I get when it's completely irrelevant. I've never gotten a Dark Bow drop in here before.

Aw yeah, time to boost

...Oh. Dammit, Berserkers.

Case in point about absurd luck: last time I saw a Ghidra was years ago.

When axes quarter Archie's formidible defense and the berserkers absorb Blaze, the bedammed clapperclaw isn't very dangerous.

Finally I'm done getting jobs I won't use.

Galuf's left so Thorg & 2/3 Friends decide to follow him, since the story won't happen otherwise.

I do have a video of Purobolos but it's five minutes long and really uninteresting.

So instead let's summarize:

     Change Target:All Dead Enemies
Since Thorg & Friends can only hit one enemy at a time, this means they have to get through Arise by running the Purobolos out of MP. All the while 6 enemies are hitting them. And Exploder takes a significant chunk out of their HP.

Shit that was close.

To compare Titan and Manticore are virtual nonissues. Titan can't win a damage race against level 37 dudes and Manticore is vulnerable to instant death. That's it for the first world!

The last thing to do is spend 50k of our 80k gil on a Coral Ring. Might as well get started on a set of those.

NEXT TIME: Thorg continues gliding because level 37.