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Final Fantasy V Advance

by Dr Pepper

Part 1: Birds ruin everything

The wind stops.

The Wind Crystal shatters.

And our dork of a protagonist is sitting in the woods with his chocobo when a sudden meteor hits.

Since we wouldn't have a game to play otherwise, let's go explore!

Gasp! Goblins! We have no choice but to fight.

Being the first fight in the game, it's pretty hard to lose.

Goblins die in one hit and they do something very few forced fights do.

They give EXP. Most forced fights are boss fights, and bosses don't give EXP in this game. This is helpful for insane people who want to avoid leveling up.

Butz is the name intended in glorious nippon along with Reina and Garf.

Learn to comb every area for loot, money will be scarce for a long, long time.

We run into a few more forced fights....

And Butz gains one of the few, very few, levels he will be allowed to gain.

And now we have a party of three!

And the three will than run away from every single fight. After all, fights give EXP.

A dork, a young lady, and an old man. Lenna and Galuf will be staying at level 1 for the foreseeable future. That limits them a bit, actually.

The whole "steal a pirate ship" plan sounded better in Galuf's head.

Hey it works out for them though.

No faceless pirate, something more important then the Wind Shrine comes first.

A town....

With loot and gil.

OK now to the Wind Shrine.

Faris is by far the strongest of the four party members. She's level 3. This means she has the most HP and MP. Faris and Butz, by virtue of not being level 1, will be able to do things Lenna and Galuf can't.

Before that though, we bolster Galuf's offense.


As the first boss of the game, Wing Raptor is pathetically easy even at level 1.

Its Breath Wing attack does percentage based damage, which means that on Lenna and Galuf it does single digit damage. It also sometimes does a weak physical attack. Most of the time, it stands there doing nothing.

Then it closes its wings in the obligatory ATB tutorial that didn't vanish from the series until Final Fantasy VIII. Just wait for it to open its wings and attack again.

Here's the damage Breath Wing does. Not very impressive.

It's also the last thing Wing Raptor does.

We have jobs now!

Next time: I put them to good use.