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Part 2: Job Analysis: Knight

The Knight is the basic physical job. It equips heavy armor and heavy weapons to smash things in the face while taking little damage in return.

Stat Changes

Strength: +23
Agility: +1
Stamina: +20
Magic: -14

When a character is a knight they'll have lots of strength and HP, but pretty much no magic. But that's OK, the Knight doesn't need it.

Innate Skills
That is, skills the class knows automatically and do not need to be equipped.

Guard: Defend on Steroids. When the Knight uses this skill, they'll take 0 damage from physical attacks.

Cover: The Knight will automatically jump in front allies at critical HP (When the character is kneeling down.)

Attack is all the Knight needs to put that massive Strength to good use, so the Knight's skills instead focus on a defensive role.

Learned skills.

Cover: Gives any class the cover skill.
AP Required:10

Guard: Gives any class the Guard skill.
AP Required:30

Two-Handed: Allows a character to avoid equipping a shield and in return double their attack power.
AP Required:50

Equip Shield: Gives any class the ability to equip shields.
AP Required:100

Equip Armor: Gives any class the ability to equip heavy armor.
AP Required:150

Equip Swords: Gives any class the ability to equip swords.
AP Required:350

Total AP to Master:690

Normal Play Analysis
The Knight has the second highest strength and stamina in the game. It can equip the strongest weapons in the game. It's basically a physical powerhouse. Very simple to set up too. The problem comes from the fact that, well, the "Equip" abilities aren't very good. And later classes have gimmicks that can make them more powerful. Because once again, what skills you use are far more important then anything else in this game. So while the Knight is good, you're rarely going to end up using it simply because there are more varied options once you get more jobs.

Two-Handed is a fantastic ability though, and you learn it somewhat quickly. Until Dual Wielding becomes available equipping Two-Handed can be a great way to massively increase your power.

Low level Play Analysis.

Three words: "Guard and Cover." There are quite a few bosses that exclusively use physical attacks. And quite a few more bosses that can be made to do only physical attacks. With the rest of the team in critical condition and the Knight hitting Guard every round, the team can be made invincible. Expect me to abuse this whenever possible.