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Part 3: Crabs and Zombies

Butz and Galuf swoon over what they think is a dude. I love the "goofy" music in this game.

Also three dancers give Butz a lap dance

Trust me when I say that the piano is one of the more important things I can do in this playthrough.

Now then, I need to get all the magic...

Two rods....

A Leather Shield, and two leather caps. All together that costs 1390 Gil. I have 810 gil. Where do I get the money?

First though, I need to advance the plot a bit. The music that plays in this scene is probably my favorite in the game.

OK, now that Faris is back, I make the entire party thieves... it's time to earn some money!

Darn it Faris your a pirate steal things.

There we go. The only thing to steal right now is Potions. Potions sell for 20 gil. I just need to steal at minimum 29 Potions, with a few more to cover inn costs as the party takes a beating.

There we go. Now that I can buy all that, it's time to pick my classes I'll be using for now.

One might think that Lenna, with having the highest magic score, would be the best choice for Black Mage. However, her being level 1 completely removes any spellcasting advantage. She has 5 MP. That's enough for one level 1 spell.

Faris, being level 3, however, gets 22 MP. That's 5 castings of a level 1 spell. And at the moment that's all she needs.

So here's the party. Butz and Faris will be Black Mages, since they have enough MP to blast the bosses. Lenna and Galuf will be Knights so they can do consistent damage while having some armor to take a hit.

The enemies in the canal don't even have anything to steal, so just run to...

Boss Fight: Karlabos

Karlabos opens with Feeler, which paralyzes a character. It is a dick move.

Especially when it hits your black mage!

The strategy for this fight is to just cast Thunder.

Since it's weak to Thunder, I do a fair amount of damage. For reference, our Knights do 30 damage a hit.

Keep blasting it until it's dead.

Nooo Syldra...

Oh well to the Ship's Graveyard

I have no idea if I'll use a White Mage any time soon, but at least with this it can attack.

Money! Precious gil... A whole 49 potions!

Spoilers Faris is a girl.

Also Galuf has the power to hit people so hard that people get their souls back.

Boss Fight: Siren

Siren opens the fight with random status magic. This time it was haste. The dick.

Then its next turn it cast cure, undoing Lenna and Galuf's work!

The gimmick of this fight is that it switches between a living form that can use magic and is weak to physicals....

....and an undead form that uses physicals and is weak to magic.

Roast it when it's a zombie.

Also make sure to keep everyone alive. You want the hits spread out.

Case in point, if Siren had decided to hit Butz or Faris with Silence, there'd be trouble.

Still, in the end, I won.

And we gain our first job level! Sadly, Cover isn't that useful on anything but the Knight. Oh well.

This will save us some cash.

Next time: Fly away