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Part 6: Job Analysis: Monk

The second physical job of the Wind Crystal, Monk's gimmick is that it's the only class that can fight unarmed. Their light armor is made up by their massive HP.

Stat Changes

Strength: +26
Agility: +1
Stamina: +26
Magic: -23

The Monk has the highest Strength and Stamina in the game. Since the class doesn't equip any weapons or heavy armor, it needs those stats to keep up. A monk will hit hard and it'll be cheap, since the heavy weapons and armor are really pricey.

Innate Skills

Kick:The Monk will physically attack every enemy. Doesn't do a lot of damage, but can still be useful.

Counter: When attacked physically, the Monk will automatically attack the enemy that hit it.

Barehanded: This one is a bit complex. The normal attack calculations for unarmed attacks is "3 + (0..(Level/4))" which is... pretty bad. Barehanded makes it "3 + Level*2 + (0..(Level*2/8))" Which is much better.
Can somebody tell me what "0.." means in this equation math has never been my forte, but I can get the rest.

Gabriel Pope posted:

I'm not sure if it's formal notation, but "x..y" is used a shorthand for "a random number between x and y."

Learned skills

Focus: The monk will spend one turn doing nothing, but on the next turn it will attack with its power doubled.
AP Required:15

Barehanded: Gives any class the Barehanded skill as well as +26 Strength.
AP Required:30

Chakra: The Monk will heal some of its HP as well as curing the Poison and Blind statuses.
AP Required:45

Counter: Gives any class the Counter skill.
AP Required:60

HP +10 %: Increases the HP of whoever has it equipped by 10%
AP Required:100

HP +20 %: Increases the HP of whoever has it equipped by 20%
AP Required:150

HP +30 %: Increases the HP of whoever has it equipped by 30%
AP Required:300

Total AP to Master:700

Normal Play Analysis
Can't really go wrong with the Monk. Since not only does it hit decently hard without weapons, but it hits twice, it'll be doing plenty of damage. Add in Focus and you can do more. The HP+ abilities are literally filler that exist to make mastering this job for its sweet stat boosts take longer. Late game they give an accessory that helps it keep up once the weapons start to get absurd, thankfully.

Low level Play Analysis
See all the usages of Level in the damage calculations? Yeah. While the other physical jobs can make up for the lowered level with gear and skills, the poor Monk is completely thrown aside. While Focus and the Strength and Stamina boosts are great, actually using the job to fight any bosses just isn't going to happen.