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Part 11: I hate Dhorme Chimeras

Today's update is brought to you by me being an idiot.

Wheresmy5bucks posted:

How can you claim a low level game when you're leveling up your piano skills?

Look man some sacrifices gotta be made to be a rock star.

You can't walk through these sleep bubbles for some reason.

But now I have a boat! Wonder and adventure awaits!

Jachol here has at least some awesome things unlike Carwen.

Like this. Well, everybody dance!

Two pianos in one update? Madness.

Green Berets and Ninja Suits increase agility. That automatically makes them awesome.

Oh hey a new weapon. Pity no class I have can use it!

Jachol Cave has two main things of note.

Skull Eaters. They have 1 HP, evade nearly everything and do a fair ammount of damage. In a normal game they're the best choice for early game AP grinding. However, they also give 300 EXP so I have to run from them.

Interestingly enough, however, they sometimes run way. So a free 5 AP for me!

Next is the Blitz Whip, the only other way to get this is to steal it from an enemy from Fork Tower. It's so much easier to not release that jerk Lone Wolf and just grab the chest here.

The Battle Axe doesn't sell as much as the Mythril Sword, so it's not our new steal farming target.

Noooo now where will I have wonder and adventure.

Regen is generally more useful when you actually have a meaningful HP stat.

Weapons for classes I don't have huh...

Oh boy oh boy.

These sell for more then a Mythril Sword. They're 37 potions!

I also like to play Disgaea, can you tell.

Money! Soooo much money!

Chase the Chocobo, and...

Get two new jobs!

Now we can fly to even more places!

Oh Bard, your time to shine will come later.

Time to head to the best town in the game.

Lix! Butz's home town, it plays my favorite music in the game. It's actually pretty awesome because everyone knows him.

There's even a lady with crush on him, aww.

Just in case you didn't get Esuna at Karnak (LIKE ME) you can buy it here.

The shopkeepers give Butz a discount, which means cheap Ethers for all!

And cheap throwing items.

So I stock up on all those things.

And I learn the ability to confuse monsters. This would be more useful if most bosses weren't immune to confsion and I was fighting random battles.

Butz remembers why he left.

Free inn oh yeah.

Here's Smoke. Is it any different then Flee other then the animation? No idea.

OK, here's the reason for this update's title. Aqua Breath can easily defeat the next boss. Aqua Breath can be used even if you don't know it by releasing a Dhorme Chimera.

The problem, of course is beating them, when they don't just start the fight with Aqua Breath, wiping me out, they're immune to Death and Paralyze. So that Death Claw doesn't work.

I try using the little used Beastmaster ability Calm to keep it from attacking while two Ninjas wear it down.

It... doesn't really work. I can't do enough damage before Calm slips off and I get Aqua Breathed.

At this point I hate myself and try and think of another way. First, a slightly more risky but fasting method of AP grinding.

With Death Claw, getting my party members to critical HP is easy.

Skull Eaters use only phyisical attacks. I use Guard and Cover until the thing runs away.

It works out rather well.

Screw you Dhorme Chimera.

It absorbs water, but Aqua Breath, despite the name, is non-elemental.


Yes yes call it.

Boss Fight: Sandworm

Now at low levels Aqua Breath doesn't finish if off so I'm going to throw Shuriken's at-


Water scrolls.

....they do 900 damage a toss. The Sandworm has 3000 HP, if all four had tossed one it'd be dead.

Why did I do all that when I had the method of winning already?

Right right whatever just throw the dumb shurikens.

I hate you.

The holes counter with Gravity but it doesn't matter because I already won.

Next Time: Things explode.