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Part 13: I spend a lot of money on throwing things

Would you believe Hide can be the key to let you handle a ton of bosses easily? I probably won't be using it much, but it can be done.

Metal Gear Butz. The latest in Konami and Square Enix collaborations.

Normally one would think that status magic is useless. Well, one can think that until a boss is humiliated with it.

And we got an airship!

Oh wait, cheesy dialog and boss fight first.

Boss Fight: Cray Claw

This recolor of Karlabos shares its weakness.

Thunder scrolls work nicely.

One down, four to go.

OK, now we have an airship.

....why do they make my cool new two look so much less cool. OK, we're destroying that place.

We need to get this first, but it's guarded by the most terrible creature!

Boss Fight: Adamantoise.

Meet the Adamantoise.

It's level 20.

I assume you all learned division, right?

Because I'm not explaining this.

OK time to destroy mounted guns with four people armed with swords.

Rocket Punch, the greatest dick move attack.

Thunder scrolls solve that problem well enough!

Behold, Graviga at, like, a fraction of the cost.

Then I remember I missed some side quests.

Oh look, I have enough money to buy a Flame Ring and have been stealing obsessively enough to recoup the costs.

No idea of Toad will be useful, but if it becomes so, it shall be hilarious.

Butz is a jerk to sheep.

I'd say this is the 3rd most important of the songs.

Boss Fight: Ramuh

Unlike the other two Level 2 Summons, Ramuh doesn't have an elemental weakness.

He does, however, have a critical weakness to Death Claw.

You say that now after I beat you into submission.

The final Level 2 Summon.

Back to these guys, Faris is glad she has the Flame Ring!

Fira for 5 MP.

Boss Fight: Soul Cannon

Soul Cannon is basically a damage race.

You need to take out its launchers and it before the Wave Beam hits, otherwise you're dead.

So I use four Ninjas to throw tons of thunder scrolls at it.

It blows up just in time.

And apparently it gives 10 EXP. I didn't remember this because, well, normally at this stage of the game 10 EXP is nothing.

Sadly, it is enough to bring Butz to level 5. If I had known beforehand I probably would have tried to end the fight with him KO'd so he wouldn't level up, but meh,

Next Time: I smash through ruins and meteorites.