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Part 15: One step closer to ultimate power.

I can't imagine this actually being very useful. But you know what? I'm going to learn it anyway.

This is actually the most damage I can do as long as I suck down ethers like no tomorrow. It's sad, yes.

Boss Fight: Archeoaevis

This is probably the most complex boss in the game yet. It switches elemental weakness and hits hard with nasty attacks.

I ignore that and throw Shurikens at it.

And use 1000 Needles while sucking down Ethers like no tomorrow.

Haste helps to. Haste is an awesome spell.

Then it fades and revives in an even tougher form.

But, sadly, it has a weakness to Level 5 Death.

Image, there's a great ability. It's like Blink but better.

It's that girl who's been appearing in my job updates!

I don't think the fanfare that plays here is played anywhere else.

Oh darn it.

Welp, Exdeath is alive. Time for Galuf to leave.

But more importantly.... We have Chemist.

Chemist is pretty much the most powerful class in FFV. It has the most powerful ability in the entire game.

The power to double the effectiveness of healing items!

Wait no.

Here we are. The powerful effects you can do with Mix are insane. Can't access everything right now, but just you wait. Its time will come.

Right now to deal with three filler bosses.

Boss Fight: Purobolos.

These things have the irritating gimmick of reviving themselves if you hit them with Arise.

Luckily, they can be silenced.

Then just throw scrolls at them.

It hits them all at once, so even if Silence wears off they'll still die around the same time.

It's a surprisingly painless fight.

This next fight requires a little set up, and the power of Mix

Using Mix to combine a Antidote and Maiden's Kiss creates an item called Levisalve, which gives allies the Float status.

Boss Fight: Titan

Titan has two attacks. The most threatening is Earth Shaker, which is a powerful Earth attack. Float makes you immune to Earth.

The second attack is a hard hitting physical attack.

Three floating Knights, two in Critical condition, can neutralize this boss completely.

Can you two do anything on your own?

Boss Fight: Manticore

Manticore is nasty, it can hit hard and has Aqua Breath, if it uses that then I'm dead.

Of course, it's also vulnerable to Stop. So Lenna sings Romeo's Ballad constantly

While Butz and Faris bounce off it's head like the Mario Brothers.

You two are the least competent scientists ever.

Time to head here to the next world!

Next Time: Training Montages! Battle on the Big Bridge!