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Part 17: Not yet time to play "Eye of the Tiger

Since I'm leaving this world, I won't have easy AP leveling for a while. So it's time to get some! I'll be getting every ability that takes less then 100 AP to get... so... cue the montage!

First, Blue Magic. Now everybody can be a Blue Mage!

How strong Animals is is based off the user's level. So... not very useful.

The big thing with Mineuchi is that I can hit sleeping enemies without waking them up.

Apparently this is one of the more broken abilities in a low level game. Meh.

Time to power up summons!

Sword Dance is going to be useful in some places.

Nice, a power increase for when I need to hit a little harder.

Not that useful, mainly because only the thief can equip the Steal Boosting Thief's gloves.

Just in case I feel like being in another class.

Increasing the odds of a preemptive strike, thus letting me run faster? How nice.

More evasion is always good.

Magic leveling time!

No real limit on White Magic for now.

Nor Black Magic...

Time Magic too!

Now Red Mage can sit back wait for the one time I think to use it.

Drink may not be as powerful as Mix, but it can still be good.

And with that underwhelming finish, we're done.

Next, I max out on the three scrolls.

Time to leave this world.

Abandon all their loved ones for a chance at reaching Galuf

Yes yes I get it.

I'm so weak these things run before I can kill them.

I like how FFV is goofy like this with the large emotion bubbles and stuff.

Oh crap the Abductor!

Oh. Wait. I'm still a Geomancer.


Welp. Game over guys.

Oh wait never mind.

Time for Galuf to be manly.

It's Red Mage's time to shine!

It's Gilgamesh!

Boss Fight: Gilgamesh the First

Now, you may imagine that as a solo boss fight with a level 4 Galuf I'm going to have some problems.

Nope. He's vulnerable to Mini, of all spells.

Then he just kind of plinks away at Galuf.

Technically Gilgamesh has 11,500 HP.

Hahaha the Ancient Sword hit him, this makes things even funnier. He's now an aging midget.

However, the fight ends once you knock him below 10,000. Making his HP effectively 1,500.

That's Mr. Galuf to you Mr. "I got Captured by the bad guys within ten minutes of reaching here"

Metal Gear Butz 2 wasn't as popular as the first but still good.

Now then, the Big Bridge. This is, as you can imagine. The bane of low level runs. A whole bunch of forced fights, and they all give EXP! You might think that I'm going to level up here....

But, you'd be wrong. Here is the only forced fight on the Big Bridge

Little Chariots. They can't be run from, you can't catch them, and they give a whopping 300 EXP each.

The question is, how do you deal with them? Do I eat the 300 EXP? Nope.

Meet the Jackanape. I caught three before I left the first world. When released, they cast Doom. Enemies killed by Doom don't give EXP.

Then I use Hid to keep away from the enemies while their death clock counts down. Victory for me!

Next comes Gilgamesh again.

Boss Fight: Gilgamesh the Second

This is the hardest fight I've had so far. It took several party configurations before I finally found one that worked.

Butz, Faris, and Lenna have image. Galuf has hide. Butz is a Freelancer with Two Handed, while Galuf is a Time Mage. Image helps avoid his hard hitting physical attacks.

Next Galuf casts slow on him this is very important.

While he Hastes everyone Butz just keeps whacking him with the Ancient Sword until Old hits. Old is a powerful status effect. On enemies, it not only causes level to gradually decrease, but speed as well.

Lenna and Faris keep jumping while Galuf hides once everyone is Hasted. This is very important. I want to minimize the number of targets, because sometimes he uses Wind Slash, a dick move that kills the entire party.

Just keep pounding on him.

Eventually this happens. I used to have Spellblade Silence up to try and stop him, but I just couldn't do enough damage to him with it before he broke out Wind Slash. Fortunately, with Old having taken its toll, even with Haste he's still super slow.

The worst part is that Jump just instantly KOs a party member. Just keep reviving them.

By this point Old's made it so that his normal attacks aren't threatening at all. Only Jump is a problem.

It takes a while, but I pull through.

To avoid the battles you want to switch which side of the bridge you're walking on before you cross those towers.

We're safe now hooray...

Oh. Wait.


Next time: The easiest "Boss fights" ever.