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Part 18: Job Analysis: Berserker

We don't talk about Berserker. OK the Berserker permanently has the Berserk status. It will do nothing but attack.

Stat Changes

Strength: +21
Agility: -9
Stamina: +25
Magic: +23

Large amounts of Strength and Stamina lets it do pretty much the only thing it's allowed to do.

Innate Skills

Berserk: The Berserker will always be in Berserk status.

Learned Skills

Berserk: Gives and Job the Berserk ability.
AP Required: 100

Equip Axes: Gives any class the ability to equip Axes.
AP Required: 400

Total AP to Master:500

Normal Play Analysis

Remember what I said about the Knight's main weakness being the lack of special skills? Berserker takes this problem and multiplies it. You literally can not tell it to do anything but attack. This is Final Fantasy V's only real "bad class" use it if you feel like it, but it's not that hot.

Low Level Play Analysis

Normally using Berserker is sup-optimal. When at low levels? Down right terrible idea. When you need to keep careful watch over a bunch of weak characters, executing exact strategies, using a character you can not control is insane. Never bring out this job, there's no point.