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Part 19: The Saddest Bosses

And so we've been blown to the middle of nowhere.

Fairy Orcs are the second most disturbing looking enemy in the game. Just look at them.

Regole, a town apparently only known for its booze. This is another filler town.

It does have Level 4 magic and a bunch of gear upgrades though.

One step closer to Ultimate Piano skills.

And Butz acheives his dream of being the Dance Master

And this I do this to make my money.

Wait. No, I don't that's dumb.

Instead I sell a bunch of extra junk to make a little cash. It's enough to get all the new magic.

No that's not how you make money Mr. Innkeper.

Butz and Glauf have manly bonding over booze.

The weapon upgrades can wait.

Oh? What's this?

The 12 Legendary weapons. They're easily some of the best weapons in the game, though in true Final Fantasy fashion there are a handful of sidequest weapons that surpass them. Still pretty awesome .

I was trying to get some Gold Shields from these things but that's a rare steal and I can just buy them from stores now so I'll wait until I get money.

Moogles! This was the second game they appeared in. I think it was originally meant to be a callback to FFIII, the previous game with the Job System. But then they made them a recurring element in the series.

Nothing to steal, creepy name, run away.

Nooo beware the boss fight!

You know what, no, this does not deserve the boss fight in bold thing.

Phoenix Down. Done.

You're welcome kupo.

The Moogle village is pretty funny.

The one we saved gives us money!

And the Dancing Dagger, this is a pretty entertaining weapon. It has a chance when used to attack to use the Dancer's Dance command. I have no idea if it works with the Dancer gear, if it does, I have a hilarious idea to use later.


Butz just put on a Moogle fursuit.

Which then apparently seduced another Moogle to get at the locked treasure chest

On one hand, it's fairly disturbing. On the other hand, it's an Elven Mantle.


What, no.

This is silly. This game is silly.

That sidetrack over with, it's time to look Bal castle.

Instantly existing any dungeon? So useful.

A Chemist only robe that makes you immune to poison.

New Harp for the bard.

Free sword, covered in sewage...

Yeah yeah forbidden land nobody's returned we'll be back by tuseday.

Yes open the gate.

Another boss unworthy of the Bold Boss Title.

It has 2,500 HP. Repeat three times.

Seriously such a joke.

Next Time: Money money money.