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Part 21: Get the Money Bin ready

This guy isn't very bright, is he, to jump to such a silly conclusion.

Undead can now be dealt with handily by Bards.

Frog frog frog must get frog.

Catch frog pay money.

Yes! Now enemies only have to be reduced to half HP to catch them. This is a godsend.

Drakenvale is a pretty cool name. You know, you can tell they wanted to you try out that new song due to all the undead enemies here. Too bad I'm running from all encounters.

And the Hypno Crown increases control rates. Beastmasters finally come into their own here.

It's Golem! I must save him.

With the Korango Gourd catching these things is easy.

And we get an awesome summon.

Golem creates a barrier that blocks physical damage. The ammount of damage he blocks is (20 + Level) * 50. So with Faris summoning he'll block 1250 damage. Thay may not sound like enough, but it will come in handy.

The Bone Mail is the first item of a set with a theme of "high power, but with a negative setback." Bone Mail has the highest defense of any armor in the game. It also halves Ice, absorbs Poison, blocks Death, Blind, Old, Confusion, and Berserk. However, it also makes the wearer undead and weak to Fire and Holy. This is probably the most managable of the items. Being undead, while troublesome, can be dealt with. Healing can be done with White Wind, or even fire attacks if you equip a Fire Ring, Holy is a bit more difficult but not a lot uses Holy. The worst part is that you can't revive the character if they die, so be careful.

Right, back to the game. Demon grass attacking.

Boss Fight: Dragon Pod.

The Dragon Pod does nothing but summon Dragon Flowers, there are five of them and each one of them attacks physically with a nasty status effect added on.

Of course, that's meaningless if you wipe out the flowers before they can attack.

In what will become routine, I cast Haste on everyone...

And Slow. It's kind of funny to get 10 turns on a boss to its one.

Comet's useful for a low level game, since it doesn't use level in its damage calculations.

But it's pretty random. So it can be very good or very bad.

Oh look, Ninja with sword dance.

The other hit did 500 damage or so. So 1200 damage right there, good job Lenna.

The boss died, doing nothing but reviving its flowers only to be burned away an instant later.

I even got an Elixir out of it.

OK now I can save that Wind Drake.

Teleport, a great spell.

You know, Galuf knows about this critical defensive flaw in his own castle... I guess the monsters aren't smart enough to take advantage of it.

Yeah yeah whatever.

Oh right the sage Ghido, the 2nd best character in the game.

Darn it Lenna stop getting poisoned for dragons.

And thus we can fly again!

Now, we could go off to plot. But you know what? I have something more important

Gil Cave, which is guarded by a terrible monster.

Boss Fight: Gil Turtle

The Gil Turtle is surpsingly nasty for this point of the game. Many people have died from it, caught off guard.

It's undead, which means that Requiem works well

Turtle is a nasty move that hits twice, still physical so a knight can handle it.

Keep this up, and you can get money. Lots of money.

I do this for a while. I'll never have to worry about money again.

Next time: I'm on a Boat.