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Part 22: Job Analysis: Summoner

The Summoner is the second offensive magic job you get. Calling upon the power of summoned beings, the Summoner focues on wide areas, with a handful of support options.

Stat Changes

Strength: -10
Agility: -1
Stamina: -1
Magic: +33

Magic is all the Summoner does but oh boy is it good at it. Possessing the second highest Magic in the game, its huge MP pool offsets the large MP costs of its summons.

Innate Skills

Summon: Allows the Summoner to cast all spells listed under Summon Magic.

Learned Skills

Summon 1: Allows any job to Summon Chocobo, Sylph, and Remora.
AP Cost: 15

Summon 2: Allows any job to Summon Shiva, Ramuh, and Ifrit.
AP Cost: 30

Summon 3: Allows any job to Summon Titan, Golem, and Catoblepas.
AP Cost: 40

Summon 4: Allows any job to Summon Carbuncle, Syldra, and Odin.
AP Cost: 60

Summon 5: Allows any job to Summon Phoenix, Leviathan, and Bahamut.
AP Cost: 100

Call: Summons a random Summon for no MP cost.
AP Cost: 500

Total AP to Master: 745

Summon Magic

MP Required: 4
MP Required: 8
MP Required: 2
MP Required: 10
MP Required: 12
MP Required: 11
MP Required: 25
MP Required: 18
MP Required: 33
MP Required: 45
MP Required: 32
MP Required: 48
MP Required: 99
MP Required: 39
MP Required: 66

Normal Play Analysis

Do you like doing large ammounts of magic damage? Summoner is your best bet then. 2nd best magic and powerful spells hitting every enemy, a Summoner can easily wipe out random encounters. While a bit weaker against bosses, a Mega Flare is still going to hit hard. The handful of support summons the job gets aren't that bad either. Golem is a great defense against physical attacks, and Carcubuncle has its uses.

Low Level Play Analysis

Take the problems the Black Mage has and double them. Summons take up massive ammounts of MP. Even with the Gold Hairpin a casting of Bahamut is going to drain you, and I don't know if it's ever possible to cast Phoenix. Maybe with MP+30%, maybe. On the other hand, Golem is an invaluable spell. Avoiding damage is far more important, and Golem can help out a lot.