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Part 23: Boats, Dragons, and antennas

Now that I have All The Money I can buy the equipment upgrades.

I can't wait to hear what wisdom the sage-


Darn it Exdeath why are you a jerk.

OK on to other things.

That's right, let the King here loot the good stuff.

Which, OK is just a useful spell and song. Swift Song is tied for best song, really.

Battle of the Big Bridge playing on a boat... OK...

Another forced fight, however, Gobbledeygook can be captured, so no big deal.

It's this guy again!

Boss Fight: Gilgamesh the Third

This time I'm prepared. While last time Gilgamesh smashed me a lot, I have something to handle this.

Golem. It blocks his physical attacks, giving me some breathing room and letting me have abilties other then Image.

Next, there's Samson's Might. This Mix is made by combining a Holy Water and Antidote. What does it do? It increaeses a character's level by 10. With it Butz is now effectively level 15.

As for the magic attacks? A few whacks of magic Hammer handle that.

Oh yeah then the Ancient Sword hits again.

After a few doses of drugs Butz is almost doing respectable damage!

La-la-la keep reducing that MP to nothing.

There we go! Expect me to be using Samsons Might in most fights now.

Oh screw you Enkidu.

Take that you jerk.

Try and heal yourself now punk.

Also take a Ramuh to the face.

This really says so much about Gilgamesh's character.

Now onto the Barrier tower.

I want the loot. The loot within is awesome.

The dragons in the chests here are pretty nasty peices of work.

Luckily they're easy to handle.

Control to hold it in place, then 1000 needles to cut its HP in half to catch it.

The Blood Sword is pretty powerful and drains HP... but it's innacurate. There are ways to deal with that though.

I pick this up too.

Same thing, another red dragon.

The Gold Hairpin cuts MP costs in half. Now I can cast, like, three spells!

We reach the top of the tower....

And find one of FFV's most infamous bosses.

Boss Fight: Atomos

Atomos does two things.

It casts Comet until something dies. Then it starts slowly sucking in the KO'd character to remove him or her from the fight.

It's vulnerable to sleep, so that's useful.

It's level 31, when you use Dark Spark to halve it, odd numbers get rounded down.

So it's level becomes 15.

Free dark matter for me!

Then he dies. Which is sad, because he's cool.

Next time: The best scene in the game