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Part 24: Job Analysis: Beastmaster

A different kind of support job, the Beastmaster can control and capture monsters.

Stat Changes

Strength: +15
Agility: +1
Stamina: +8
Magic: -3

Not the highest Strength or Stamina in the world, but the Beastmaster gets its own unique weapon in Whips to let it sit in the back row.

Innate Skills

Catch: When a monster has 1/8 of its HP remaining, the Beastmaster can capture the monster, once captured it can be released for a single attack. Equpping the Kornago Gourd makes the required HP 1/2.

Learned Skills

Calm: Inflicts the Stop status enemies. Does not work against human and machine type enemies.
AP Required: 10

Control:Allows the Beastmaster to take control of a monster. When the Beastmaster's next turn comes up, a list of commands the monsters can do under your control will be selectable
AP Required: 50

Equip Whips: Gives any class the ability to equip Whips
AP Required: 100

Catch: Allows any class to use the Catch command.
AP Required: 300

Total AP to Master: 460

Normal Play Analysis

Do you want to get Blue Magic? Some of the spells can only be gotten with Control. Catch is also useful for some gimmicks.

Low Level Play Analysis

Catching a monster means you don't get any EXP. You can fight some battles with the Beastmaster catching it! Some fights are inescapable, Beastmaster is the key to winning those fights without leveling up.