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Part 27: Summons and Dragons.

And illusion oh how bad could it-

Oh. Look, classic "Evil castle" look.

Plenty of good loot in this place. The Ice Sheild absorbs ice attacks.

Geomancer! So handy when walking on lava.

The Hayate bow has a chance of using Rapidfire when it attacks, this is useful before, well, you get Rapidfire.

If you mess up the timing here you get into an inescapable fight. So don't mess it up.

Random new Katana.

The ice version of the Flametounge.

Yellow dragons can be told to use Hurricane on themselves, making catching them easy.

Thief and Ninja weapon that hits twice. It actually is a lance in damage calculations too. Sadly jumping with it doesn't give you its main gimmick of double attacking.

It's time for our next summon.

Boss Fight: Carbuncle

This thing casts Fira, Thundra, and Blizzara. By this point, however, I have enough elemental defenses to neutralize it mostly.

Since it exclusively casts magic, Magic Hammer slowly reduces it to powerlessness.

Then it becomes a cute little thing rather then the huge monster it was when you faught it.

Faris takes another one for the team.

Cheaper then Flare, so no reason not to use it against enemies it can hit.

Awww I wanted loot.

Oh Gilgamesh you card.

Boss Fight: Gilgamesh the Fourth

By this point I have these fights pretty standard.

Golem and Slow to keep us alive. Then Samsons Might up attack power. He's actually immune to Old this time, so no Ancient Sword antics.

Yeah, these have been fun fights.

I actually have to recast Golem due to so much damage being done.

Oh come on that's four or five Samson's Mights wasted!

I just wanted this entire segment shown.

Hint: It's not very good.

Genji Helm is the best helm in the game. High defense and immunity to two irritating statuses.

This would be higher if she hadn't been hit with that Dischord.

Oh.. oh no. The boss is mad.

Bye Gilgamesh.

Behold! Excalipoor. It actually is useful if you use Goblin Punch but whatever.

No screw you Exdeath you're not my real dad.

Boss Fight: Exdeath

Exdeath has a multitude of powerful magic and physical attacks.

I ignore this and just throw dragons at him. Yellow Dragon's Release attack does 1/4 the enemy's Max HP in damage. This means if you throw four dragons at something, anything with less then 39,996 HP will die in a single round.

Exdeath has 32,768 HP.

And I even learn some Blue Magic out of it.

Then the Crystals shatter!

Our heroes wake up somewhere strange...

And end up in front of Castle Tychoon.

Next Time: I pretend to be Indiana Jones.