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Part 28: Job Analysis: Ninja

The Ninja is a agile fighter that makes up for its low strength and weak weapons with the ability to use two of them at once.

Stat Changes

Strength: +15
Agility: +14
Stamina: +3
Magic -10

Boasting the second highest agility and decent Strength, Ninjas are a little hampered by their low Stamina, making their role as a frontliner a bit tough.

Innate Skills

Throw: The Ninja can select a weapon from your inventory and throw it, losing the item but doing a fair amount of damage.

Dual-Wield: Allows the Ninja to equip two one handed weapons in each hand.

First Strike: Increases the odds of preemptive attacks.

Learned Skills

Smoke: Will automatically run from a fight without having to hold down L+R and waiting.
AP Required: 10

Image: Will grant the Blink status to the user.
AP Required: 30

First Strike: Grants any class the First Strike ability.
AP Required: 50

Throw: Lets any class use the Throw Skill.
AP Required: 150

Dual-Wield: Grants any class the Dual Wield ability.
AP Required: 450

Total AP to master: 690

Normal Play Analysis
A very powerful job, Dual Wield is an incredible ability. (However unlike FF3 shields are actually useful so it's actually a balanced choice). Throw and Image are useful too.

Low Level Play Analysis

Pretty much the same. Throw is a bit more useful with the ability to throw elemental scrolls.