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Part 29: It's a trap! Monster attack

And we're back to Tychoon castle.

Behold, the closest thing to a romantic subplot in FFV.

Dancer's are jerks too.

Time to split the party and have more adventure!

Then Butz gets beaten up by a little girl.

And near the very end of the game we finally get a chocobo to ride.

Boko actually somehow became a common recurring name over the series. Go figure.

Then we fall into a pit.

Antlion is trivial, just use Golem and hit it repeatedly.

Not that hard at all.

Then Faris teases Butz.


Oh hey it's Ghido.

If Gilgamesh wasn't in this game he'd be the best character.

Ladies and gentlemen, Final Fantasy V.

Welp bye Lenna.

Best line in the game right here folks.

One of the few missables. I guess it's usable. But I'd rather boost speed

Hey they don't make us run through this to get the pyramid.

Each tablet is guarded by two Gargoyles. I'll be beating each one the same way.

Boss Fight: Gargoyle

These things have an interesting gimmick, as long as one is alive it will revive the other. So you need to beat them close together.

Of course, they're vulnerable to sleep. So I take care of them that way. They can't revive if they're asleep.

Onto the first of four tablet dungeons.

Other then the undead, one theme of this dungeon is that every single chest is a monster-in-a-box.

The Damned are obnoxious.

Golem handles their irritating physical attacks.

While Level 4 Graviga brings them in Catch range.

They also had this for me to pick up.

Look, a second Ice Shield.

Another item like the Bone Mail. The Cursed Ring provides massive defense but automatically puts you in the Doomed status. Now, you may be thinking "Why not equip the Bone Mail and revive automatically when the timer runs out" based off later Final Fantasy games, in which the Doom spell does do that. In FFV, however, it does not work that way on Undead enemies. It kills them like the rest. Only Death and Level 5 Death have the "Revive on full HP effect."

The White Robe gives +3 Stamina and +3 Magic... but... does that +3 Stamina actually do anything? It doesn't give the wearer more HP.... is it basically useless?

Look at all the robots!

Cast Doom on these, Control them, and wait it out. Hilariously easy to deal with.

The Thornlet is the final part of this "High stats +Drawback" set. High defense, but puts you in Sap status. Mildly more useful then the Cursed Ring.

The Black Robe is pretty powerful armor for mages, giving +5 magic, which is the largest magic boost given by any equipment.

Black Garb is, in the original version, the ultimate cloth armor. It gives +1 to Strength and Speed.

These things are a lot more difficult when you have to wait for them to die rather then murder them en masse for AP.

The second strongest Heavy Armor in the original, the problem with it is that it doesn't give any useful immunities or resistances. But it is buyable so everyone can be decked out with it.

One of the few chests without some jerk guardian.

+5 to all stats and gives immunity to all status effects. Ribbons are pretty awesome, but sadly can only be equipped by Dancers and Freelancers.

Now my mages can save even more MP!

The saving grace of this jerk of a dungeon is that it doesn't have a boss.

Oh look ancient Dragon God.

The Airship lands nearby, good for us!

Oh and Lenna is back!

And possessed by a demon.

Ghido will be missed.

Boss Fight: Melsuine

Not much to this fight, use Carbuncle to neutralize her jerk magic, Comet helps too.

Oh yeah and use Firaga spellblade to take her out before that dick barrier change move can appear.

Easy enough.

Oh hey Lenna's back.

And she didn't even miss out on any EXP!

Next time: We tackle some sidequests.