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Part 30: Job Analysis: Ranger

Ranged fighters, Rangers can equip bows. This lets them fight in the backrow without losing any attack power.

Stat Changes

Strength: +16
Agility: +12
Stamina: +1
Magic: -5

Third largest agility boost and a decent Strength boost means that Rangers will more at a nice speed and hit decently well. Their lowered stamina is made up for by them being mainly back row fighters.

Innate Skills

Aim: The Ranger does a physical attack that will automatically hit.

Learned Skills

Animals: The Ranger will summon an animal to help the party. What animal is summoned depends on the level of the Ranger.
AP Required: 15

Aim: Lets any class use the Aim ability.
AP Required: 45

Equip Bows: Gives any class the ability to equip bows.
AP Required: 135

Rapidfire: Performs four attacks at half strength.
AP Required:405

Total AP to Master: 600

Normal Play Analysis

The Ranger is a very straight forward class. It hits things with bows. Learning Rapidfire is very useful. Rapidfire, like Aim, ignores evasion. But it also ignores defense. This means, even if Rapidfire just did two hits on an enemy, you'll still do more damage since that pesky defense stat won't be in the way.

Low Level Play

The only thing lost is the use of Animals. At level 5 the only thing of worth that can be called is the Squirrel. Which... isn't that powerful. Other then that bows are good, and Rapidfire is still great.