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Part 31: Sidequests and more sidequests

And here's the point when you see that some stuff is missable.

Hope you got Shiva before going to the second world!

Hope you got that Elven Mantle.

Onto the Sealed weapons.

Exdeath's Soul is one of the few reliable sources of Dark Matters.

Right, now we get three weapons.

Masamune, a Katana with a unique ability.

Excalibur, a Holy elemental Knightsword.

And the Magus Rod, a rod that boosts all elements but water.

And Exdeath sends out a bunch of monsters to try and kills us.

Masamune's unique power makes it so that the one weilding it will always have the first move in a fight. Random encounters are literally no threat anymore. And in many bosses being able to make the first move is insanely valuable.

Oh look at hint.

Increases strength. Not that hot.

I'm no coward!

That's right. The Brave Blade. I will weild this mightly-

Oh. Huh. There's a reason people don't take it. Running makes it weaker, and I've run so much it's less powerful then my bare hands.

Onto the real ultimate weapon.

The Chicken Knife is the most powerful weapon in the SNES version and the second most powerful one here.

Onto the mysterious Phantom Village.

It has the best store bought armor possible.

You find the secret shopkeeper in every store....

And you find the good struff that can't be found anywhere else.

Hermes Sandals are insanely useful. Permanent haste? What's not to like?

A knife with the chance to use Mug when attacking.

Sure thing, but first...

I am finally the Piano Master

Also the non "ultimate" level 6 spells. Quick is sadly, beyond our ability to use, even with a Gold Hairpin.
For now

This is a callback to FF3, which had a similar NPC making this request.

The reward is a lot better though. While a little lacking in Physical defense, it has one Blink image at the start of each fight. Which is enough to help ease your buffing concerns.

Now for the Black Chocobo!

I love the Masamune so much!

Time to steal the great loot from the monsters here.

Oh... you dick.

Try two.

Hahaha you're not giving me EXP this time game!

Magic Pots give 100 AP a hit. Pretty awesome.

Picking up some new stuff.

I think I have enough Reflect Rings.

There we go. Rapidfire is awesome. It does four hits at half damage to random enemies. That alone would make it better then just attacking because it doubles your overall damage. However, it also ignores defense and evasion. It's like they were trying to make a disgustingly powerful ability.

Unfortunately you have to get some EXP to reach the top of the Phoenix Tower. So no Phoenix for me.

I pick up one dragon.

Then I aim for the second one.

Boss Fight: Bahamut

You're probably thinking I'd put on the Reflect Rings. But sometimes he uses Aqua Breath which can't be reflected and I die. So instead I use Carbuncle and Hastega to buff up and kill him before he can use that.

This is the Chicken Knife, using Rapidfire... without any buffs from Samson's Might. The Chicken Knife is disgustingly overpowered.

It costs 33 (With the Gold Hairpin) MP per hit and does massive non-elemental damage to all enemies. Pretty awesome overall.

Next Time: I get some more tablets and magic.