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Part 33: A whole lot of gimmick fights

Boss Fight: Odin


Break spellblade.


The Magic Lamp calls each summon in order of power. (Except Phoenix, which is a pity. Magic Lamp Phoenix would be a great panic button.)

On to the next Tablet dungeon!

The Gargoyles are as easy to handle as ever.

Fighting Aevis enemies? This might come in handy.

The Protect Ring gives the wearer the Regen status as well as 10 Defense, 12 Magic Defense, 5 Evasion, 10 Magic Evasion, and 15 Stamina. It's one of the better accessories in terms of pure stats.

These emenies are dicks.

But I get the last Level Blue Magic from them.

Beast Killer is a whip that does extra damage to beast type monsters.

The chests here are rigged with pits it's a pain.

Well I hate you too.

Boss Fight: Wendigo

Wendigo is the most annoying fight in the game. It has four images that most attacks miss on and if you use group attacks they hit you with Frost.

Luckily they can be hit with sleep.

From there it's just a matter of pounding it with Sleep Spellblade until it dies.

I hate you.

We're half way there!

The most interesting dungeon in FFV opens up after beating the Wind Shrine though.

Next, I pick up the Sage's Staff, a staff that boosts the Holy element.

Sasuke's Katana, which can block physical attacks like the Main Gauche.

And the Holy Lance.

The Fork Tower's gimmick is that you have to split the party and have both sides tackle a unique side. One side you can only cast magic, the other side you can only use physical attacks.

The Wonder Wand is an interesting item. When used to attack it casts a spell. It starts with Fire then moves down the Black Magic list, then it moves down the White Magic list, then it repeats. When used as an item it casts Return. It's possible to use it to set something up, but it's kind of a gimmick.

The Defender's a bit simpler to understand. It has the same attack blocking properties of the Main Gauche, and casts Protect when used as an item.

Boss Fight: Minotaur

The Minotaur is trivial to deal with. The Elf Cape, Defender, Sauske's Katana and Main Gauche all equipped to Krile and Lenna just make them near untouchable by physical attacks. And Image makes it so that even if something does get through, they'll just knock away an image.

I wonder if you can give him an Ether to let him cast Holy. Oh well, not trying it.

The Ultimate White Magic spell and probably the most powerful of the 4 when it comes to a single target.

Boss Fight: Omniscient

While this guy is largely trivialized by a pair of Reflect Rings, there's ways to make him even more pathetic.

Dark Spark.

Followed by Level 2 Old. This gradually reduces is power to nothing.

Flare is reflectable, so even his final attack backfires on him.

Flare isn't nearly as useful as a spell. Using the Magus Rod one of the -ga level elemental spells will hit harder then it. What Flare is awesome for is Spellblade.

Oh no Cid!

That's a good man. Now we can hit the last two Tablets.

But first, to find Walse Tower. 7 minutes is a long time, and there's even a chest to reset the timer. So no worry really.

The last crystal shard is guarded by another weird gimmick fight.

Boss Fight: Gogo

While Gogo says he'll mimic you, what that really means is that he'll counter attack everything he does.

Bet you didn't know you could get a third Gold Hairpin from him though, did you? It took a lot of resets because it's his rare steal, but it's worth it.

The Trick to Gogo is to literally do nothing.

He then throws himself into the rift to go join the FF6 crew.

And we get the Mime job out of it!

Next time: We finish this whole Tablet quest.