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Part 35: The Penultimate Step to ultimate power.

The biggest benefit the Mime class gives is the fact that it can equip three different abilities. So combos impossible with any other class can be done.

These things are disturbing like nothing else.

Final Fantasy Dwarves are awesome.

Hope you like Geomancers and switches! There are a bunch of those in this area.

Kaiser Knuckles increase the power of unarmed attacks. It's the "ultimate weapon" for the Monk class.

Oh hey it's this creepy set of bosses.

Boss Fight: Triton, Nerid, and Phobos.

These things are tough and can use Delta Attack.

However, they have a critical weakness.

They're not Heavy type.

Odin takes them out instantly.

Meteor is like Comet in that it doesn't take level into account. This makes it awesome.

Next I pick up the Assassin's Dagger, a knife that has a chance to instantly kill an enemy.

Yoichi's Bow, a bow with a stupid high critical chance.

And Apollo's Harp, the only harp worth using as an actual weapon as it does massive damage to undead and dragon enemies.

On to the final Tablet!

The Rune Blade is interesting. It does an automatic critical hit while draining MP. It actually does more damage per attack then...

The Enhancer is the strongest sword in terms of attack power all the other sword using classes that aren't called "Knight*" can equip. It increases magic power. While it doesn't do as much damage per hit as the Rune Blade, it also doesn't drain your MP.

Oh look a second Aegis Shield!

I don't like these spikes at all.

It didn't even guard good loot!

Well that was easy.

Oh wait here's another lame boss-

Never mind.

Well all right then!

Boss Fight: Levithian

Really, there are two things you need to do. Do you have Coral Rings equipped? And do you know Spellblade and Thundaga, congrats, you win.

I think I need more Reflect Rings.

Why didn't the game give anything that boosts Water? It makes Levithian underwhelming. Finally, I pick up the last three weapons.

Gaia's Bell. It increases the power of Earth Elemental attacks and will sometimes cast Quake if you attack with it.

Rune Axe. It uses MP to automatically deal Critical hits.

And the Fire Lash, it will sometimes cast Firaga when you attack with it.

Oh what's this? Some new content not in the SNES version!

Near Phantom Village there's this. Dive with the sub and...

We get sucked down...

To find three more jobs.

This guy tells you about them.

Gladiator. A powerful physical job that can equip pretty much every weapon meant to actually attack. *Even the Knightswords that used to be Knight exclusive. Can use Finisher either do a critical hit, miss, or do 9999 damage.
Cannoneer. A medium class that can use swords. Using Open Fire it can hit from the back row for non elemental damage. Eventually learns Combine, a more offensive version of Mix.
Oracle. A magic class that can use special spells without MP. Eventually learns Predict, which can cause powerful effects but can hit both allies and enemies.

With all this, I'm ready.

Next Time: I take on the Rift.