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Part 36: Job Analysis: Dancer

The Dancer is an odd physical class with slightly random effects.

Stat Changes

Strength: +5
Agility: +5
Stamina -10
Magic -5

The Dancer has oddly low Stamina for a physical job. Fortunately it's moderately made up with Dance.

Innate Skills

Dance: The Dancer will use one of four attacks at random.

If the Dancer has the Rainbow Dress, Red Slippers, or Lamia's Tiara (The "Dancer's Equipment") equipped Tempting Tango will not be performed, instead Sword Dance will be done.

Learned Skills

Flirt: Inflicts the Confuse status on every enemy. If a piece of the Dancer's Equipment is worn the success rate is doubled.
AP Required: 25

Dance: Allows any job to use the Dance command.
AP Required: 50

Equip Ribbon: Gives any job the ability to equip the Dancer's Equipment and Ribbons.
AP Required: 325

Total AP to Master: 400

Normal Play Analysis
The Dancer is a fun gimmick. Sword Dance with the Chicken Knife is actually one of the earliest ways to be able to hit the damage cap of 9999. While not absurdly overpowered, I like the job. (Mainly because I got it in two of the Four Job Fiestas and it was my top damage dealer by the end.)

Low Level Play Analysis
Sword Dance can be useful, after all, you're quadrupling your damage. When dual wielding it does Sword Dance twice. It's a handy job and the low stamina doesn't really come into play since everything dies in one hit anyways.