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Part 37: Murder everything in the Rift

Onto the final dungeon of Final Fantasy V. It's filled with tough encounters (which we'll be running from) and powerful bosses (Which I will murder).

Every single one of these guys is going to die horribly.

A second blood sword. Unfortunately with Drain Spellblade it's gimmick has passed.

Creepy frozen phantom village.

I don't even know what this thing does when I have the Magus Rod which is better in every way.

Yay more fairies.

You're not a fairy.

Boss Fight: Calofisteri

Just for fun, I'm bringining the Cannoneer, Gladiator, and Oracle through all these boss fights. This particular boss uses a ton of magic.

Let's deal with that.

I guess the critical is OK. As Gladiator levels up the finisher will use the Critical and 9999 damage more often.

First fight done.

5 Coral Rings. Huh.

Let's avoid the robot for now.

Onto the next loser.

Boss Fight: Apanda

Look at this thing. It's a freaking recolor.

Eat Meteors. Oracles have the highest magic of any job. So Lenna has the MP to cast Meteor twice before she needs a reflil.

It dies quickly.

Lure increases the encounter rate, hope you like grinding!

Condem's effects are decent, but for some dumb reason Heavy type enemies are immune to the lot of them.

The world just doesn't make any sense.

I wonder why they picked this place to be the stage representing FFV in Dissidia?

An Axe that can be used from the back row. If I ever use Axes it'll be there.

An accessory that makes the charactrer always in Haste status, pretty useful.

Nope. Of course not.

...Oh fine.

Boss Fight: Azlumagia

A huge gimmick fight because he's a Blue Mage. I kind of ignored the gimmick and just hit him until he died.

Beating Azulmagia unlocks a save point.

Next I handle this thing.

Boss Fight: Catastrophe

This thing uses powerful Earth attacks. If you're floating, it casts 100gs to negate it. There's just one problem.

It's a reflectable spell. It will cast this until the Float status is gone from the party. But, with a Reflect Ring on it never will be.

So I just pelt it with Meteors until it dies.

Predict has all sorts of obtuse conditions to activate the effect you want. If you can control it it's powerful, but am I going to bother? Probably at some point.

Alte Roites are jerks. They use Encircle, which just removes a character from the fight. Then when you beat them they turn into a tougher form.

Or you could hit them with Berserk and let a Knight keep any damage from happening.

And cast Holy.

Again and again.

Hilariously enough, I get a second Healing Staff out of it.

Finisher is pretty awesome in a low level game, even if it's not ultra reliable.

The animation for one is pretty cool too.

I'm going to abuse Sword Dance eventually.

Butz gets some.

A knife that uses the spear damage formula and does extra damage to human type enemies.

It's time for offensive homosexual stereotypes!

Boss Fight: Halicarnassus

This guy's another caster boss, he's not vulnerable to Silence though.

Osmose Spellblade takes care of that handily.

He's vulnerable to poison, so once I drain his MP I use that.


This guy's kind of a jerk and the toughest time I've had so far.

Boss Fight: Twintania

Twintania is tough. He uses Atomic Ray, Mind Blast, Tidal Wave and freaking Mega Flare. So how do I deal with him?

I do this, and everybody Hides.

Then we wait. When this pops up, he changes forms and becomes vulerable to most status effects. We hit him with Break Blade.

And we win.

The way to the last stage of the final dungeon opens up.

Cool must and interesting appearance. Oh hey, who's that guy.

It's Gilgamesh! He's OK.

Let's nab this from him.

Yup. We're buds now and he leaves.

King Behemoths are nasty peices of work. It hits hard and will counter magic with Meteor. Now, it's vulnerable to status effects but having Meteor hit you isn't a good idea.

Random fact, the Oracle's Doom ability in Condem doesn't count as magic.

So it just sits there and dies in ten seconds.

Least useful ability in the game for me!

Oh yeah, Movers. They're awesome. They're vulnerable to Fire, so Flame Scrolls work.

They have ten thousand HP, so this will take a while.

Level 2 Old slows them down a little so I can beat them without behing hit by Delta Attack.

They give massive ammounts of money and AP.

Just in time for Throw not to be super needed anymore!

And I learn Combine, I then switch jobs around and teach this to every character.

Leaving for now, need to stock up on stuff.

Next time: I finish off the Rift.