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Part 38: Job Analysis: Samurai

The Samurai is a variation on the Knight class. They have slightly lower Strength and Stamina, but have a higher critical hit rate and evasiveness. Plus they can attack groups.

Stat Changes

Strength: +19
Agility: +2
Stamina: +19
Magic: -12

Innate Skills

Zeninage: The Samurai will do a non elemental attack hitting all enemies. The attack will consume Gil. The strength and cost of the attack depend on the Samurai's level.

Shirahadori: Increases evasion against physical attacks.

Learned Skills

Mineuchi: It's supposed to be a physical attack with a chance of paralysis. However, it's glitched, so it won't. It still has a use, in that it won't remove Paralysis and Sleep.
AP Required: 10

Zeninage: Allows any class to use the Zeninage command.
AP Required: 30

Shirahadori: Grants any class the Shirahadori ability.
AP Required: 60

Equip Katanas Gives any class the ability to equip Katanas.
AP Required: 180

Iainuki: The Samurai will attempt to instantly kill every enemy.
AP Required: 540

Total AP to Master: 820

Normal Play Analysis

Like the other Earth crystal jobs, the Samurai has its odd gimmicks. By endgame when you're swimming in gil Zeninage is useful for cheap and quick damage. Katana's are weird though, they use a completely different damage formula then other swords, and Spellblade can't be used with them.

Low Level Play Analysis

Do you want to be near immune to physical attacks? Equip the Main Gauche, a good Shield, and the Elven Mantle. The Samurai will almost never be hit. Zeninage can also become absurdly powerful with level boosting. Especially since it uses your real level for cost, but your "Temporary level" for damage.