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Part 39: A Group of Weaklings Cut Down a Tree.

At this point I realized that I had forgotten to get the Hero's Rime. Tied with Swift Song as best in the game, it gradually increases level.

This guy randomly appears in various shops once you get the three new jobs.

He sells the three kinds of shot needed to use Combine with. In general, all three have the same general effect. With Buckshot having the weakest effect and Blitzshot having the strongest.

Then I stock up on the basic consumables.

I have to wonder. Is this a recolor? Or are other things a recolor of this?

Let's not open this chest for now.

The last of the bosses here.

It guards the final save point. My first time though this game I somehow missed this.

Boss Fight: Necrophobe

Necrophobe is currently unhittable. We have to kill his barriers first. Of course, the barriers don't sit quietly. They have innate Reflect and will bounce Holy and Flare off themselves.

Of course, there's a reason I had everybody learn Combine.

Needle Cannon is what you get when you combine a Blitzshot and a Gold Needle. It does a flat 3000 damage every time.

The Barriers don't have a ton of HP, so a few Needle Cannon's wipes them out.

From there I hit him with Holy Spellblade and Meteor.

Then Gilgamesh shows up! Horray!

The last set of Genji gear is ours.

Necrophobe can't do anything to him.

Nooo you were supposed to live!

You killed the cool guy Necrophobe, you jerk.

Alright, time to Murder Exdeath. In all honesty this set up is pretty simple.

Kirile going to be a Knight and use Excalibur and the Genji Gear in memory of Gilgamesh Hitting with Rapidfire and Excalibur is going to hurt.

Butz is pure support. A White Mage with Mix.

Faris is a bit of a hybrid, she does support with White Magic and Time Magic, but can also use Holy to bring on the hurt.

Lenna is also just going to hit things with the Chicken Knife until they die.

I like this. It makes it sound like Exdeath was sitting there, waiting for them to show up so he could smugly murder them.

But not before blowing up everywhere else.

Then he goes and kills them. The End.

Oh wait never mind Ghost Deus Ex Machina time.

Boss Fight: Exdeath

Exdeath honestly isn't that hard. The biggest threat is White Hole, but I have so much defensive gear on that it's very unlikely to actually hit. With Hastega up I get so many turns to his that the few times he manages to kill me I get back up right away.

And then I kill him.

And the fight is over... wait.

What just happened?

Chaos Cannon is glitched. When used it doesn't activate enemy counters. The second stage of the Exdeath fight activates as a death counter. By killing him with that, I completely avoid the second half of the fight.

So... I just beat Final Fantasy V. Congratulations me!

Next time: I kill a Robot and a Dragon.