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Part 40: Job Analysis: Chemist

The Support Job from the Earth Crystal. The Chemist focuses on using items.

Stat Changes

Strength: +2
Agility: +3
Stamina: +6
Magic: -4

The Chemist in all honesty has terrible stats. Fortunately, you don't use it for its stats.

Innate Skills

Drink: The Chemist can consume unique "Drink" items to boost its stats.

Pharmacology: Doubles the effect of healing items.

Learned Skills

Pharmacology: Grants any class the Pharmacology ability.
AP Required: 15

Mix: Combine two items to create a unique new item.
AP Required: 30

Drink: Allows any class to use the Drink command.
AP Required: 45

Recover: Heals all negative status effects effecting the party.
AP Required: 135

Revive: Revives all KO'd allies with a small amount of HP.
AP Required: 405

Total AP to Master: 630

Normal Play Analysis
Mix is absurd. It's the best ability in the game. Drink can be handy if you feel like it. The other abilities are gimmicks. Learn Mix and then do what you want.

Low Level Play Analysis
If anything, Mix is even better. Just the ability to boost attack power with Samson's Might and Dragon Power alone make Mix worth it. But, unlike a normal game. Revive actually is pretty useful too. Since you die in one hit, the ability to just revive the entire party is really useful.