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Part 41: Now is the time to play Eye of the Tiger

I missed this last time. A second Enhancer.

So OK. I've beaten the main game, and all that's left is the optional challenges. I'm low level and don't have a ton of skills. So what do I do? It's simple.

I'm going to master every job in the game.

Give's any class a Thief's speed, won't matter because I'll have it by default.

Monk has the best Strength and Stamina in the game. HP+30% is pointless filler to keep you from this tasty power.

Read Ahead reduces the encounter rate, less fleeing for me. Also Oracle has the best Magic in the game.

Bladeblitz attacks all enemies like a souped up version of Kick. Would be more awesome if I was fighting random encounters.

Another pointless skill, but now I have innate Cover.

It took one Mover fight to master Geomancer.

Flare Spellblade is pretty awesome.

I will use catch two more times after this.

Revive is far more useful in a low level game then it is in a regular one.

Lenna's dream of being an idol singer has come to pass.

Why use this when I can equip White Magic and use Libra and Holy?

In the SNES version Summoners were the ones with the highest magic. Call would be more useful for MP saving in random encounters if I was fighting them.

Dragoons are awesome and Lances are one of the better weapon types.

Another ability more useful for random encounters.

I actually used this once when doing a Four Job Fiesta. It let my Bard use the Healing Staff.

Another filler ability.

Ribbons are awesome but not worth an ability slot for the one class that I might use it for.

Filler that's actually better then previous filler.

Now that Dual Wield is no longer restricted by Ninja's weapon choices I can use it's full power.

Double Holy anyone?

And with that, every job in the game that needs to be mastered is mastered.

Hmmm? Wait what's that.

.......every job in the game that needs to be mastered is mastered.

I also used around 200 Gold Needles and Blitzshots.

Oh yeah and I hit the money cap at some point in all this.

Now that I have all the possible skills, I'm going to destroy a robot.

Boss Fight: Omega

Omega is incredibly nasty. It's fast, powerful, and if it gets tired of murdering your party can just use Encircle to remove it from the fight entirely.

I ignore that and use Romeo's Ballad. It's vulnerable to Stop, of all status effects.

From that point it's the standard Omega tactic of Thundaga spellblade and Rapidfire.

With an Oracle's magic Butz and Faris have just enough MP to cast Quick once.

Not going to be useful for Dualcast fun, but it lets me do things like using a Dragons Power on Lenna and Sing at the same turn.

After that I just beat on him.

Eventually he dies.

The Omega Badge does nothing. It's basically a way so that every time you look at the item screen, you can see that you blew up this jerk.

My next fight involves a bit of stealing. Two Dragon lances.

It's that chest I didn't open.

It contains a nasty surprise for most players the first time through.

Boss Fight: Shinryu

Shinryu is incredibly nasty. It starts the fight with a Tidal Wave that can wipe out the entire party without coral rings, and it gets worse from there. But I don't deal with any of that.

Using a Power in Combine creates a shot that inflicts Berserk.

Shinryu is not immune to Berserk.

For the entire fight Shinryu rages and attacks, only for a little girl to block every single attack he does.

Oh yes, and Quick Fun.

There's a reason I wanted two Dragon Lances.

It only gets worse when I start adding on Dragon Powers.

Bye Bye Shinryu!

The Dragon Seal is like the Omega Badge, a Shiny Bauble to remind you that you beat Shinryu.

But he gives a second, much better reward. Ragnarok, the third most powerful weapon in the game.

Next time: I finish this silly game.