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Part 42: Job Analysis: Mime

The only optional job in the SNES version. The Mime's most notable features is three ability slots.

Stat Changes

Unlike most jobs, the Mime's stat changes are not set in stone. Instead, the Mime will take the highest stat boost from each class and apply them, while not applying the stat penalties.

Innate Skills

Mimic: The Mime will automatically perform the last action performed by an ally. if it's a spell, it will cost no MP. If it's an item, another item will be used.

Also, the Mime automatically learns all passive abilities of any mastered job.

Learned Skills

Mimic: Allows any job to use the Mimic command.
AP Required:999

Normal Play Analysis
The Mime is the ultimate spellcasting job. With three ability slots you can slip in Dualcast and two other types of spells. The pure versatility of three slots can not be understated. While you can't use Item, that can easily be made up for. The only flaw is that Mime can only equip mage weapons, so quite a few gimmicks can't be done without using an "Equip X" slot and in which case why bother using a Mime?

Low Level Play Analysis
If anything, three ability slots is actually more useful. Slipping three support commands on a Mime is great.