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Part 43: And the all lived happily ever after

OK time to actually beat the final boss for real.

Magic! Butz is ready to murder everything with Holy.

Attack! Flare spellblade will tear a new one in Exdeath.

Sing! Krile will be pretty much singing the entire time. Mimic with Equip Ribbons because I feel like it.

Support! Faris will be healing and buffing a lot.

Oh yeah, time to actually finish off this fight.

The first stage of the fight is really pathetically easy. This means it's a prime time to set up buffs. In this case, Swift Song.

Flare Spellblade makes Lenna hit harder.

Hastega goes up too because why not?

Golem blocks that irritating vacuum wave attack.

And Dragon Powers to up Lenna and Butz's damage.

Then I finally kill him.

Of course, the second half of the fight comes up.

Boss Fight: Neo Exdeath

Neo Exdeath was the first Final Fantasy boss to have multiple forms. And it's kind of a doozy, four parts with their own attacks and separate HP you need to kill.

So let's get to killing.

Rapidfire misses a lot so I just have Lenna attack for now.

Now the big part of what makes Neo Exdeath tough is Algemest. It's a Holy elemental attack that hits all enemies. It would wipe out my party in one hit. So how do I deal with it? It's simple, really. The two top parts of Neo Exdeath are the ones who cast Algemest. I simply kill them before they can cast it.

Once that's done I finish off the third part and there's there's a random bit of trivia.

The final part isn't Heavy type. (Video Link here)

So Odin gets the job of finishing off the final part. Good thing too, because otherwise it would start spamming Meteor.

And so I beat Final Fantasy V with nobody above level 5.

In all honesty, it wasn't that hard. It just required knowing exactly how to tackle each boss. And I know from guides and youtube videos that there are ways to handle them I didn't do.

The hardest part was actually the Battle on the Big Bridge. I didn't know how to avoid getting EXP there. Then while searching around I found out that Jackanapes release Doom. So I reloaded an earlier save and caught them with a fair bit of difficulty.

Still, now that I've beaten the game again, only this time with some crazy stuff added on.

It's been fun.