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Part 44: Did you think I was done?

Now that we've saved the world, I remember that the cave with the new jobs had a door.

Welcome to the Sealed Temple! A new optional dungeon for the GBA version. Unlike the new dungeons in FFIV and FFVI, the Sealed Temple doesn't really have a theme other then "Overpowered enemies"

The loot is.... meh a lot of the times, but great sometimes.

The Mace of Zeus increases magic by 3. Compared to, well, any elemental boost that's pretty bad. I guess if you were spamming Bahamut it would be useful.

If it was some tough fight in the main game it probably appears as a random encounter here.

Huh what's this?

Oh look it's the Gil Turtle.

I don't even have to try to beat this thing now.

Not even using optimal tactics! Hello Apollo's Harp.

Beating him here drops the Grand Helm.

Grand Helm has the highest defense of any helm. Of course, it lacks the useful status immunities the Genji Helm has, so it's strictly worse.

These are super rare encounters in the main game. Here in this one spot they're one of the more common encounters.

Why not?

Oh come on do you know how nasty Behemoths are?

The Vinshu Vest is pretty awesome.

In a normal game halving the three most common elements is great defense. But I die in one hit anyways so halving those attacks doesn't do much for me.

Oh here's a Behemoth. I make things easy on myself and just control it and wear it down.

And with that I am done with Catch, you've served me well in this game.

Now I've passed that bottleneck I can get on to the main dungeon.

This is a little absurd.

Why do you have a text box telling you this when anybody can see it's open?

Here's some of the better loot.

The Gladius is a strong holy elemental knife.

You know, now that I remember I have as much money as possible, I decide to stock up on Elixirs.

Flame Rings as well.

Angel Rings are also very important.


Remember Karnak castle? Hope you like every gimmick in the game returning!

Fortunately it doesn't take long to get here. Now for the set up for this fight.

There's a reason Butz is set up like this.

Lenna's going to be casting spells a whole not.

Kirile's a hodgepodge of stuff I think would be useful.

And Faris has Dance because why not?

Boss Fight: Grand Aevis

The Gil Turtle was the game's way of showing you how far you've come. Grand Aevis is the game's way of showing you how much farther you need to go. It's flanked by two Dark elementals who will constantly cast White Wind and Aeroga. Meanwhile Grand Aevis will throw a whole lot of powerful attacks. Most irritatingly Zombie Breath, which is why the party is decked out with Angel Rings.

Step one to dealing with this. Mix a Dragon's Fang with a Maiden's Kiss. This makes a Dragon Kiss. This makes the thing you use it on a Dragon type. This means that you gain a bunch of useful status effect immunities. But for enemies, it makes them weak to the Dragon killer weapons. Like my two Dragon Lances.

Using an Iron Draft with Combine makes a shot that can inflict Slow. Really useful.

Especially when the entire party is hasted all of a sudden.

Lenna's Pretrified, but that doesn't matter.

Take that sucka.

I use Needle Cannon to wear down the Dark elementals so their White Wind doesn't heal as much.

Because sometimes he uses physicals.

La-la-la keep slowly cutting away at his healing.

So much fun.

I actually use a weaker Needle shot here. Why? Because if both Dark Elementals are dead Grand Aevis revives them at full HP.

When the boss dies, the Dark Elementals use self destruct as a final screw you.

I say no to that.

I have not even begun to reach the heights of power.

He drops a Fairy Bow. Which... uh.

I guess it would be useful for Rapidfire on a bunch of random encounters.

Next Time: I kill a boss in the most counter intuitive way possible.