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Part 46: Failing so hard it loops back to success

With Grand Aevis beaten the rest of the Sealed Temple opens up

First, a room with massive amounts of treasure.

It's mostly rare mix items.

There's also this.

This baby halves all elements. Again, more awesome in a normal game.

Another sword.

Stronger then the Ragnarok, found in a completely random chest.

This one is a bit less major.

Another weapon more useful in random encounters.

Every. Single. Gimmick.

This is a great item.

The Hyper Wrist just increases Strength... and is practically the only non-weapon to increase attack.

Next there's a giant waterfall.

More loot is found.

The Royal Crown is the best hat in the game in terms of pure stats. While it has a problem with lack of status protection of special effects, the +1 to Agility and Magic make it a little more worthwhile then stuff like the Grand Helm.

Moving on.

Look, more coral rings.

Another new weapon.

Just a high powered Lance without any special effects or elements.

Oh huh?

Oh boy oh boy!

That sounds like fun to murder!

Then the guy unlocks a jail cell way back on the first floor.

The second save point in this massive dungeon.

OK all the way back here.

Butz is dual wielding swords named after the end of the world because why not?

Lenna's going Support today. Hide and Revive are pretty important.

Krile is also doing support, with a big of offense.

And Faris has the Masamune equipped for a convenient first strike.

What a jerk.

Boss Fight: Archeodemon

This guys nasty. He uses powerful magic like Flare and will also use Giga Flare but without the sudden vulnerability that Twintania had.

First I slow him down.

Then I attack him.

If you hit him or do pretty much anything but cast magic. He casts Death on himself. He's undead so this just restores him to full HP. I keep doing this. Why?

Because I'm going to cripple him by draining all his MP.

The only problem is Gigaflare doesn't actually cost MP.

That's why Lenna has Hide and Revive. Once he starts charging, she runs away.

When Gigaflare hits the rest of the party. (Faris got an Aegis Shield block)

She then brings back both KO'd members back instantly.

From then it's just a matter of hitting him and Magic Hammer.

Flare Sword goes up.

He's out of MP.

Power up.

And I hit him with the end of the world and meteors.

Low Level Final Fantasy V: Where I win by not just ignoring a boss's gimmick, but actively going against it.

He drops the Chaos Orb.

This is beyond useless. It boosts elemental spells but inflicts Sap. I have the Magus Rod. I can use that rather then this.