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Part 48: It's a real showstopper

Look. It's a bunch of Robots.

And each one is an Omega. It's really rather absurd. But I can run from these ones unlike the one in the Rift. So I just run away rather then humilate a bunch of them.

Here's the Demon's Rod

It's poison elemental and has a chance to inflict instant death if attacking from it. Of course, this requires you to be attacking with a Rod.

This pit is a dick move, sending you back to Titan's Grotto.

This switch just sends you back to the start of the Omega segment.

Pressing this one opens the way to the boss of this area.

This one...

Opens up Shinryu's Roost.

Right then, now to battle with one of the three ultimate bosses of this game.

Butz is as self sufficient as possible. None of the other party members equipment matters except for Masamune on Lenna.

Yeah, a surprise for you.

Boss Fight: Omega Mk. II

Take Omega, and make it faster, stronger, deadlier. It uses tons of powerful deadly attacks, everything Omega used and more. Rather then just a lighting weakness. It will shift weaknesses constantly and will be immune to everything else. A powerhouse if there ever was one. Surely they made this thing just immune to everything, just so you have to slug it out with this monster?

Nope. It's just as vulnerable to Stop as the original Omega.

It can also be hit with Slow. Now, that may seem pointless when I'm stopping it. But the way I see it, if it's Slow stop can wear off and I'll have time to reapply it before instantly dying.

I wanted max offense for Butz, so he had to forgo a pair of Hermes Sandals. Fortunately Mix can handle that.

Buff up his power while the other three continue to sing.

You know what? I'm not going to play the Weakness guessing game.

Let the obliteration commence.

And that's how I beat all the robots with my awesome singing ability.

Omega Mk. II drops the Force Shield.

It's probably the best loot in the entire Sealed Temple. It has the highest defense value of any shield (Though the Genji Shield beats it in evasion) and more importantly, immunity to all elements. Force Shield blocks them all. It can't be understated how absurd this piece of equipment is.

Yeah yeah that's nice. But there's something else I need to kill.

Next Time: Dead guys beat a Dragon.